Tailwind rolls out fuel tax module

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Tailwind Management Systems — a Vancouver, B.C.-based provider of transportation software systems for less-than-truckload, full-load trucking and freight brokerage companies — is offering its clients what it calls a more efficient way to handle their International Fuel Tax Agreement paperwork.

A trucking company must report what miles were driven by each of their trucks in every jurisdiction, every three months. Years ago a trucking company had to file individually for each jurisdiction, meaning a great deal of paperwork had to be completed. However, a few years ago IFTA was introduced, and a trucking company then could choose its base state in which to file; in turn, that state then would file with each of the other jurisdictions.

Tailwind’s new IFTA module will greatly assist transportation companies in handling their reporting obligations, says Lynda Clare, the company’s manager of client services. Users can compile all dispatches (pick-up and drop locations) and fuel purchases for the fleet, which are organized by unit number and fuel tax quarter. Users also can scroll through the dispatches and fuel purchases to organize them in a logical order, in addition to being able to insert or delete a location if needed. The fuel tax module also will show the jurisdictional miles on the screen, enabling the user to export the information to a fuel tax program and print a report that can be used to fill out IFTA forms.

For more information, call 866-441-0441 or go to www.tailwindsys.com.