Trade your analog fleet tracker for a digital one

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Datalogic is introducing its BounceGPS Analog Trade-In Program, allowing customers with a competitive fleet-tracking product that uses older analog technology to upgrade to the BounceGPS digital technology with a rebate of up to $100 per unit traded in for each BounceGPS unit.

The Federal Communications Commission has ordered all wireless telephone companies to phase out analog service by 2008, and the FCC also is requiring those same carriers to show proof that 95 percent of their customers have digital phones containing chips that allow emergency operators to pinpoint a caller’s location.

“As much as 90 percent of North America’s estimated two million fleet delivery, service and construction industry vehicles that use GPS tracking devices have yet to make the switch from analog to digital GPS systems,” said David K. Daniels, vice president of marketing at Irvine, Calif.-based DataLogic.

Customers with 10 or more competitive analog tracking devices are eligible for the trade-in program. The analog devices must be in good working condition at the time of trade-in, and customers must commit to a three-year agreement. BounceGPS customers will receive a rebate for each competitive analog device traded in toward the purchase of a BounceGPS vehicle location tracking solution. The amount of the rebate will vary by the number of units traded in:

  • For 10 to 25 units, the rebate is $25;
  • For 26 to 50 units, the rebate is $50;
  • For 51 to 100 units, the rebate is $75; and
  • For more than 100 units, the rebate is $100.
  • The BounceGPS Analog Trade-in Program will be open to the first 2,000 competitive analog units traded in. The BounceGPS Analog Trade-in Program is available to customers in the United States. For more information, go to