Marten Transport develops contractor mileage scale

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Marten Transport has developed a mileage scale that rewards contractors with variable rates based on length of haul, making shorter hauls more attractive and profitable.

Marten recently began allotting 94 cents per mile for loads of 400 miles or less. For loads between 401 and 800 miles, the rate now is 90 cents per mile. Loads of 801 to 1,200 miles get 87 cents per mile. Loads of 1,201 to 1,600 miles earn 86 cents per mile. Any load hauled more than 1,600 miles earns a rate of 85 cents per mile. Marten compensates 85 cents per mile for deadhead miles.

Marten offers a support package that includes free onboard satellite units, paid baseplates, permits, tolls, loading and unloading, and state fuel and mileage taxes.