Magtec provides remote asset security

Magtec Products has introduced M5K, a technology for asset protection and cargo theft prevention. The electromechanical device is installed covertly in the vehicle; when activated, the truck is controlled by an onboard keypad requiring driver authentication prior to starting and moving the vehicle, the company says.

One security feature of M5K is Unattended Idle Protect, which can be set to shut down the engine automatically after a certain number of minutes or if a driver attempts to move the vehicle by releasing the parking brake without entering the proper code, says Robert Morisset, Magtec’s chief executive officer.

When interfaced with over-the-air fleet management, the M5K offers additional features such as remote driver code change, tamper notification to dispatch and Magtec’s Acceleration Control Technology, which enables a fleet to shut down a traveling vehicle remotely in a safe manner by restricting acceleration gradually past certain thresholds while flashing marker lights and brake lights, Morisset says.

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