System unites rear detection, brake locking

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Mico Inc. has introduced its Object Detection and Brake Interlock System, designed to provide an additional layer of safety and protection while backing up for a variety of vehicles, including construction vehicles, utility trucks and delivery vans.

The system unites the Mico 691 Brake Lock and the PreView radar object detection system from Preco Electronics, to intervene automatically on the operator’s behalf rather than simply provide a warning. The system is engineered to be initiated once an equipped vehicle is shifted into reverse; the PreView radar detects both stationary and moving objects within the cone of the radar signal. For vehicles moving with a larger area outside of the operator’s view, multiple radar sensors can be networked into one system.

An onboard display module provides both visible and audible indication to the operator when an object is identified by radar at distances up to 26 feet, and a series of five lights illuminate on the display module as the alarm tone and tempo vary to alert the operator of the closing proximity to the object, Mico says. The system is designed to apply the 691 Brake Lock automatically at a predetermined distance to prevent a collision with the object. For situations that require maneuvering a vehicle closer to the detected object, a manual release button allows the operator to unlock the brakes momentarily.

Compatible with single, dual or antilock brake systems, the 691 Brake Lock is a self-contained system that does not interfere with the normal braking system or operation of the vehicle, according to the company: Using an electrohydraulic pump and remote actuator, the 691 locks hydraulic pressure in the service brakes, and a control module evaluates the brake-locking pressure within the brake system and makes automatic adjustments when necessary.

The company says that for specific applications, the system can be augmented to lock up a particular group of wheels, rather than all four, and the PreView radar system also can be set for different detection distances and patterns.

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