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Kenworth T800

Kenworth T800 sleepers
Kenworth Truck Company is offering its Extended Day Cab and AeroCab sleepers, including Kenworth’s 38-inch AeroCab, as options for its T800 wide-hood model.

The Kenworth Extended Day Cab runs 6 inches longer than standard models with the cab roof raised 5 inches. It provides 2 inches of increased leg room and room behind the wheel, 21 degrees of recline in the driver’s seat, and 2 cubic feet worth of extra storage behind the driver’s seat. In addition to the T800, the Extended Day Cab is available on Kenworth’s T600 and W900 models.

Suitable for vocational operations, the 38-inch AeroCab sleeper features ample headroom, standard liftable bunk, over- and under-bunk storage, 24-by-78-inch tilt-up mattress, full headliner, lockable luggage compartments, swivel reading light and separate sleeper control console. Kenworth also has enhanced its 38-inch AeroCab sleeper by adding two 12-by-20-inch toolbox doors to provide outside access to storage space under the bunk. Kenworth’s full AeroCab offering includes the 86-inch Studio AeroCab, 72-inch AeroCab Aerodyne, 72-inch AeroCab FlatTop and 62-inch AeroCab FlatTop.

Kenworth also offers an original equipment kit to convert its AeroCab sleepers to Kenworth Extended Day Cabs. The Kenworth Extended Day Cab Conversion Kit is available for Kenworth T600, T800 and W900 models with AeroCab sleepers and can be purchased through Kenworth dealers.
Kenworth Truck Co.

Lighter slider
For haulers running heavy-duty, over-the-road box and refrigerated vans, Hendrickson has designed a 46,000-pound-capacity Vantraax slider system in a weight-saving 121-inch configuration. Hendrickson says the 121-inch Vantraax HKANT 46K system uses the company’s Advanced Axle/Beam Technology (AXT) to trim more than 300 pounds compared to similar-capacity wide-spread sliders: AXT combines tapered-beam and large-diameter axle (LDA) technologies for increased strength and reduced weight, while LDA increases the diameter of today’s traditional 5-inch axle by about three-quarters of an inch, which reduces weight while improving component and system strength. LDA also is designed to deliver as much as a 22 percent increase in bending and torsional stiffness compared to the 5-inch axle tube: Hendrickson says this reduces tube deflection under loads to keep the axle straighter and help enhance fuel efficiency and decrease tire wear.

The 121-inch spread HKANT 46K builds on Hendrickson’s patented K-2 slider box technology, and it comes standard with high-strength, low-alloy main rails and K-braces engineered for added durability and strength. The robust main rails also increase resistance to single-wheel impacts, according to the company. The tapered-beam design uses the high-performance Tri-Functional III bushing designed to deliver the same smooth ride as the closed-space HKANT 46K.

In the spotlight
The Black & Decker cordless, rechargeable Power Series spotlight is designed to provide a convenient, long-lasting work light. The V-3 Power Series Spotlight has a contoured rubber grip for balance and comfort; a 3-position selector switch for single-beam, twin-beam or area lighting; a rugged weather-resistant body; and a hand-carrying strap. It also has two additional LED area lights and a 12-volt DC outlet for charging cell phone or personal electronics. The spotlight is powered by dual 6-volt, 6-amp hour, rechargeable sealed batteries.
Black & Decker

Don’t toss this grommet
The Super Snap reusable grommet from Creative Sales is designed to secure tarps in locations without grommet holes, adding additional tie-down areas to prevent tarps from flapping in the wind and causing damage to the surface being covered. The tarp’s life should be extended as a result, the company says. Simply place the Super Snap’s disc underneath the plastic or fabric tarp, start one side of the loop on the disc groove, then push the loop into place. According to Creative Sales, the Super Snap’s design clamps the material in place for a no-slip grip, while a handy hook/eyelet at one end allows the user to attach a bungee cord, rope, etc.
Creative Sales & Mfg. Co.

Keyless cabinet locks
Lista International Corp. says its keyless keypad lock brings increased security and reduced shrinkage to its modular drawer cabinets and mobile cabinets. The programmable lock eliminates the need for physical keys, so there are no keys to retrieve from exiting personnel; and no keys to lose, replace or steal. The lock allows users to quickly and easily create “keyed-alike” cabinet groupings and master lock groupings by changing the user codes in groups of cabinets, according to Lista. The keypad lock can be programmed with up to five different user codes at a time, with thousands of possible codes; user codes can be changed as often as needed, Lista says. It can be retrofitted to replace any Lista drawer cabinet cylinder lock issued in the past 10 years, or it can be ordered installed on any new drawer cabinet.
Lista International

Bi-fold loading ramp
Oxlite Manufacturing’s E-Series bi-fold ramps are available with a loading capacity of 1,000 pounds and dimensions of 44-by-71 inches, 44-by-77 inches, 48-by-71 inches and 48-by-77 inches. Equipped with quick-release safety straps, the aluminum loading ramps feature rubber-tipped fingers designed for gripping the edge of tailgates or trailers; and multiple serrated crossbars engineered for tire traction.
Oxlite Manufacturing

A pusher for any snow
ProTech Manufacturing and Distribution’s Switchblade, a reversible pusher that has both a rubber and steel cutting edge, is designed to handle changing weather and jobsite conditions. The rubber edge is engineered for wet, heavy snow conditions or jobsites with a lot of ground obstacles; while the steel side is suited for hard, packed snow conditions or jobsites with no ground obstacles. ProTech says there are no moving parts, which lowers the risk of equipment malfunction.
ProTech Manufacturing and Distribution

Del City protects, connects
Del City’s Ox-Gard is designed to safeguard aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-copper wire connections, as well as aluminum conduit joints. This compound, which guards against oxidation and improves conductivity, penetrates to maintain current paths and produces a cooler connection, the company says. Ox-Gard is available in 1- and 4-ounce squeeze tube sizes.

Del City’s Quick Splices are designed to make quick connections. To use, insert both wires and squeeze the metal insert with pliers to snap in place; no wire stripping is necessary, according to the company. Quick Splices are offered in a variety of gauge sizes.
Del City

Super strobe light
Truck-Lite’s release of the Super 44 LED Strobe has added a second version to its 44 family of strobes. The lamp, available in both red and amber versions, is designed with a durable synthetic rubber housing, resisting the effects of corrosion. Mounting externally to the vehicle, the lamp contains a synchronized alternating feature, allowing users to select between dual, quad and alternating dual flashing patterns by altering the way each lamp is wired. The nonmetalized reflector lamp has a wide field of view suitable for construction, municipal, agricultural, snowplow, tow and other applications. The company says the high-intensity lamps, which meet SAE J845 and J1318 photometric specifications, feature an internal strobe circuit that eliminates the need for an external control module or special power supply, requiring only a 12-volt input. All electronics, including the diodes, are sealed in epoxy to withstand the severest road shock and vibration and prevent moisture from reaching the circuits, according to Truck-Lite.

Better brake friction
Brake Pro’s CCM2423T premium heavy-duty friction is designed for longer lining life, longer drum life and quieter braking. CCM2423T was engineered by the company for 23,000-pound GAWR vehicles operating in linehaul and vocational fleets.
Brake Pro Ltd.

Air filters that can handle it
WIX Filters has introduced a line of heavy-duty radial lip seal air filters with features designed to improve performance and ease of use. The metal end cap with a handle on the closed end has been added to strengthen the filter assembly and provide a handle for easy installation and removal; while a molded polyurethane radial seal improves sealing capability and fit on the application, the company says. In addition, a newly developed air jet molten bead application system is engineered to enable a hot melt stabilizing bead to be applied to the pleat pack media without mechanical contact with the bead, creating a smooth, nonflaking stabilizing bead. Eleven of WIX’s heavy-duty radial lip seal air filters, representing more than 75 applications, already have been converted to the new design and made their market debut in July. Six additional filters are targeted for conversion in 2006.
WIX Filters

Flexible axle suspension
Ridewell Suspensions’ RCA-215 Flex-Mount auxiliary axle suspension is engineered with a 22,500-pound capacity for vocational truck applications. The nonsteerable, air-ride/air-lift unit – which offers a weight savings of 50 to 72 pounds over the company’s 225 model – is a flexible system engineered to adjust easily to various frame widths and ride heights. The design offers a patented, contoured axle seat for secure axle connection without U-bolts and incorporates a lightweight, double-bonded bushing. Wide beam spacing helps to reduce axle stresses. The Flex-Mount, designed to accept axle drop of up to 8 inches, has 101/4-inch total travel with as much as 7 inches of lift, and the suspension has an axle alignment adjustment of 3/8 inches at each hanger. Options include axle integration and shock kits.
Ridewell Corp.

Training drivers
J.J. Keller & Associates recently added six new training programs to its “Master Driver” series. These programs, all anchored by videos, are designed to motivate drivers to improve their skills in routine and emergency situations.

  • “Accident Procedures” examines procedures to follow after a crash, including placement of warning devices, driver responsibilities, reporting procedures and what to say/not say at the scene.
  • “Air Brakes” discusses types of air brakes and how they work, as well as their proper use and how to keep them functioning correctly.
  • “Coupling & Uncoupling” provides step-by-step procedures for safe coupling and uncoupling, with an emphasis on areas where most problems occur.
  • “Emergency Maneuvers” discusses hazard perception techniques, escape routes, emergency braking, basic skid control and recovery.
  • “Fixed Object Collisions” covers prevention of fixed object collisions, as well as overhead obstructions and collisions that occur during cornering and backing.
  • “Safety Issues” shows drivers how to recognize and deal with distracted drivers and road rage situations, and not become distracted or hostile drivers themselves.

J.J. Keller & Associates

Put voltage to the test
Meterman Test Tools’ VT500 voltage tester is designed to offer an easy-to-use method to test for plus or minus AC or DC voltage. Using its bright LEDs, it instantaneously indicates five different levels of voltage from 12 to 400 V, and also offers GFCI-test capability, thereby eliminating the need for an additional tester, the company says. The VT500 – which is UL safety-listed and fully contained without the need for batteries – typically loops around the user’s neck, allowing both hands free to hold the unit and the test lead during use
Meterman Test Tools