Pennsylvania Turnpike ending tolls for drivers entering Ohio

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On Monday, Jan. 2, the westernmost Pennsylvania Turnpike toll plaza will convert to one-way tolling. Drivers will pay a toll when entering the commonwealth from Ohio, but not when leaving it.

Eastbound five-axle trucks now will pay $12 entering the turnpike: $3 for the first two axles plus $2 per additional axle. Previously, commercial vehicles weighing between 80,000 pounds and 100,000 pounds paid $10.75, while those weighing 62,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds paid $8.25.

The toll has doubled for eastbound four-wheelers, who now will pay $3 rather than the previous $1.50.

The change “will virtually eliminate peak-period turnpike congestion at the tollbooths,” said turnpike Chief Executive Joe Brimmeier.

Two eastbound Express E-ZPass lanes will open in August 2007, allowing those customers to drive through toll plazas at highway speed. The westbound turnpike will be converted to an “open” highway by August.

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