No-Rez seals designed to detect, prevent break-ins

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No-Rez is a tamper-detection solution designed by CGM Applied Security Technologies, a unit of Digital Descriptor Systems. The company says the hi-tech adhesive seals — which leave no residue on protected items — are self-voiding and available in blue, red and a wide range of other colors for color-coding purposes, even when purchased in small lots.

According to CGM, when used in conjunction with a properly sealed shipping container, No-Rez seals cannot be tampered with without leaving behind indisputable evidence — specifically, the message “Void Open Void” appearing across the seal itself, providing evidence to inspectors and owners that a break-in has occurred.

Printable and easily adaptable to die-cutting, No-Rez seals are designed to be used with most conventional label-dispensing devices. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with other sealing products, as an exterior laminate, to provide both visual and functional protection. Other applications include single-use decals — like parking validation labels and “illegally parked” stickers — and seals for data ports, envelopes and documents.

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