Catalog highlights leak detection tools

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Tracer Products has updated its 32-page catalog to include its line of Tracerline fluorescent leak detection products designed to find leaks in air conditioning and fluid systems. An introduction explains how fluorescent leak detection works and how it assists in leak diagnosis and preventive maintenance.

The catalog contains information about the company’s Tracerline ultraviolet, UV/blue and LED inspection lamps and lamp kits. It also showcases the new Optimax Jr. cordless, rechargeable, leak detection flashlight and the Cobra borescope that makes it possible for technicians to inspect and leak-check hard-to-see components without expensive disassembly. The Pro-Alert refrigerant leak detector, featuring heated-diode sensor technology, is another new addition to the product line.

The catalog also covers the company’s line of clamshell-packaged products and also highlights the different types of hardware for adding fluorescent dye to A/C systems, while several pages are devoted to the company’s ultrabright Fluoro-Lite and Dye-Lite dyes for A/C and fluid systems. Selection guides help technicians choose the right inspection lamp, fluorescent dye and dye injector for different applications.

For a free copy of this convenient catalog, write to Tracer Products, P.O. Box 10324, Westbury, NY 11590; call 800-641-1133; fax 800-354-2353; or go to