Help for improving driver retention available

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Thomson Learning Career and Professional Group, a provider of tailored learning solutions, has published “True Stories of Driver Turnover: Translating the Driver’s Perspective,” along with an accompanying field guide. The products are designed to help build a stronger driver-carrier relationship by translating potential turnover causes so that carriers and drivers can create responses that reduce turnover.

“Skyrocketing turnover rates are a major barrier to the organizational success of today’s truckload motor carriers,” says Kristen Davis, product development manager for the technology professional business unit of Thomson Delmar Learning. Carrier executives and human resource professionals, as well as drivers, can use the guides to better understand the true nature of driver turnover and thus improve responses, Davis says.

Revealing thoughts and opinions from current drivers provide insight into their attitudes and behaviors regarding why turnover occurs, Davis says. An awareness of differences in perspectives can help practitioners generate effective responses and create a strong driver-carrier relationship, she says. The book also features a “driver response process” with action-oriented suggestions.

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