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Rogers Ultima Series lowboy trailer

Lots of load on this lowboy
Rogers Ultima Series lowboy trailers now include a 55-ton capacity production model that features a 20-inch loaded deck height, 25-foot deck length and a 98-inch swing clearance. Cambered mainbeams, fabricated with 100k psi and 130k psi materials, reduce the trailer’s tare weight while maintaining strength and durability, according to the company. Options include wheel wells, self-adjusting front folding ramps, full center decking and hydraulic trap doors. Specialized models offer a wider selection of payload capacities, deck styles and gooseneck lengths. The number of hauling configurations can be maximized by taking advantage of Ultima’s detachable rear frame, interchangeable decks and detachable axles. Rogers’ No Foot self-lifting gooseneck, which quickly and easily raises or lowers the front of the deck under full load without a ram foot contacting the ground, is standard equipment. Boom wells and notched deck crossmembers allow equipment to ride low, consequently reducing load height, the company says. Self-aligning tapered beam hooks are designed for a positive gooseneck-to-deck connection and make reconnecting a one-man, one-minute operation, according to Rogers.
Rogers Trailers

Health, wellness awareness kit
J.J. Keller & Associates’ Health & Wellness Awareness Kit is a program designed to help human resources managers educate employees on healthy lifestyles and wellness. Each month, customers receive a set of ready-to-use tools to communicate topic information to employees: one CD-ROM with articles to include in employee newsletters or company e-mails, or to post on the company’s intranet; 50 two-color handouts to provide to employees during meetings or include with paychecks; and one full-color, 17-by-22-inch poster to post at the company to reinforce key concepts. In addition to helping companies prevent health-care problems and control health-care costs, the program is designed to promote well-being and productivity. Some of the topics covered include nutrition, heart health, stress, melanoma, fitness and back health.
J.J. Keller & Associates

See behind your Sprinter
Velvac recently introduced a side-mirror system and backup safety mirror for Sprinter vans. Designed to provide more visibility, the side-mirror assembly mounts directly to OEM mirror mounting bases in a matter of minutes, according to Velvac. The 61/2-by-10-inch upper flat glass head and 61/2-by-6-inch lower convex is engineered to provide a dynamic view of passing lanes and blind-spot areas: The cast-aluminum mounting ends attach to the existing pivot system and allow mirrors to fold forward and back.

The backup safety mirror system, designed to complement the side-mirror system and provide a view behind the vehicle, mounts quickly and easily to the side of the vehicle and features a 10-inch convex mirror with wide-view lens, Velvac says.

Tools for crimping, wire stripping
Waytek’s line of tools from Pressmaster includes a mobile crimp tool and three wire-stripping tools. The ratchet crimper weighs only a pound and has many features, including removable dyes that can be customized and an easy-access release function that allows fast, simple exchange of crimp dyes, according to the company. The tool is designed to provide full visibility of the crimping process, with handles shaped for minimal user effort.

Waytek says the wire-stripping tools include a self-adjusting cut and strip tool that can be used on more than 90 percent of wires without having to adjust the tool; a heavy-duty cable stripping tool designed for cables of all insulation types, with cable capacity up to 1.57 inches and insulation thickness up to 0.18 inch; and a tool to remove insulation from copper and fiber-optic cables, with cable capacity up to 0.43 inch and insulation thickness up to 0.04 inch.

Flexible brake lining
Tribco offers a Kevlar fiber composite friction lining for brake and clutch plates, brake pads and shoes. Patented as Braketex and Clutchtex, the facings are nonabrasive and won’t score or wear down opposing metal surfaces, the company says. Asbestos-free Braketex is designed for both wet and dry brakes, clutches, power transmissions, PTOs and other systems.
Tribco Inc.

Hot clothing line
Torch Wear has designed a line of heat-resistant protective clothing for welding and other high heat tasks. The clothing, made of CarbonX fabric, is engineered to provide superior protection while being comfortable enough to wear next to the skin. When exposed to intense heat or flame, CarbonX will not char, shrink or burn: The fabric’s fibers carbonize and then expand, dramatically reducing the oxygen content within the fabric, according to Torch Wear. CarbonX fabric – a yarn created by spinning oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber with an Aramid strengthening agent – is not treated chemically, the company says. The Torch Wear line includes overalls, aprons, coats, forearm sleeves and heat sink pads. Overalls and coats come in SM through XXL sizes, with XXXL and XXXXL available by special order.
Torch Wear

Tape can take the heat
Del City says its UL-rated standard vinyl electrical tape for basic jobs has excellent adhesive ability with a temperature rating of 176 degrees F (80 C). It is available in single rolls or case lots of 100 rolls.
Del City

Wonderful winch
The SI 12000 winch from Mile Marker uses a 4.8 hp (3.6 kw) heavy-duty series wound DC motor. According to the company, the winch features a planetary gear system for fast line speed, free spooling, automatic load-holding brake, power in and power out, low electric current and a hardened drum.
Mile Marker

Quieter windshield wiper
The jointless frame of the ClearPlus windshield wiper’s beam blade has a lower profile than traditional blades, greatly reducing wind lift and practically eliminating all noise, vibration and chatter, according to the company. The blade has a pre-installed universal adapter for almost all trucks and is available in 16- to 24-inch sizes, ClearPlus says. Winter blades, available in 26- and 28-inch models, have galvanized steel frames, Neoprene boots and a large-profile rubber squeegee.

One system, dual filtration
The Amsoil Dual Remote Filtration System is designed to replace a standard full-flow oil filter with a combination full-flow/bypass system that uses a remote mounting assembly. The system saves an average of 1 mile per gallon and particularly helps older trucks, the company says. Remote placement of the filtration units allows larger oil filters to be used and increases oil sump capacity, extending the oil’s useful service life, the company says. The recommended replacement interval for both the full-flow and bypass filter is six months or 12,500 miles.

3-in-1 wrap for hoses, cables
To help keep air hoses and electrical cables working in extreme winter weather conditions, Sloan Transportation Products has introduced its new MAXXDuty 3-in-1 Wrap, which consists of two 3/8-inch rubber air lines equipped with Sloan’s Dura-Grip handles and one 7-way ABS electrical cord, tightly bound together with a spiral wrapping. The 3-in-1 Wrap also helps keep coiled air lines from becoming entangled, a frequent problem during normal service that can limit the operational range and create difficulties in replacing a failed hose assembly; it also provides one assembly to store and maintain when bob-tailing. The Sloan 3-in-1 Wrap is available in 12-, 15- and 20-foot lengths; additional black wrap can be purchased in 15- or 100-foot lengths.
Sloan Transportation Products

User-friendly forklift jack
Gray has introduced a 4-ton air/hydraulic forklift jack designed to eliminate manual pumping by allowing air to do the lifting. The forklift jack has a low clearance design with a 21/4-inch starting height combined with a maximum lift height of 16 inches. The device also has a “hold-to-run” release knob designed to provide a slow descent rate; a scissors action design that adjusts to the load plane; and a two-position handle.

Fan blows both ways
Engineered Machined Products has designed a diesel-grade electric fan that uses a brushless motor capable of running on 12, 24, 340 or 600-plus volts DC. The reversible fan can blow dirt and debris off the radiator to prevent clogging while also cooling the main engine, according to the company.
Engineered Machined Products

Updated liftgate
Liftgate manufacturer Waltco Truck Equipment Co. has introduced its Waltco Direct Lift (WDL) Ultra Series (US) rail-type liftgate. According to the company, the WDL US – which comes in steel or aluminum platform models – has several new features, including:

  • Stationary hardened steel rollers with stainless steel retaining pins;
  • 11-inch deep columns and deep sill extensions that reduce the distance a dock plate is required to span;
  • Fully recessed controls with a new three-wire plug-and-play design and weather-sealed quick connectors;
  • Platform auto-latch system that engages automatically when the platform is raised to the stored transit position and two driver-friendly latch release handles accessible on the curb-side column;
  • Recessed multi-diode LED lights for either trucks or trailers;
  • Steel-wrap reinforced columns that provide twice the crush resistance of other column designs; and
  • Weather-tight power unit enclosures with a noncorrosive plastic cover.

The WDL Ultra Series offers models in four weight capacities: 3,500 pounds, 4,500 pounds, 5,500 pounds and 6,600 pounds.
Waltco Truck Equipment Co.

Sturdy plastic pallets
Universal Family of Products has designed a series of plastic pallets impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors, and resistant to insects and fungi. The pallets – designated 330, 340 and 350 – are about two to three times lighter than wood pallets and can be stored outdoors without being damaged by weather, the company says. The 330 is the standard 40-by-48-inch pallet size, while the 340 has snap-on bottom runners and the 350 adds a frame. The four-way entry feature – ability to access the pallets by all four sides – accommodates pallet jacks within the standard nestable outline and is compatible with most fork trucks and hand trucks, according to the company.
Universal Family of Products

Mounting base for rough braking
Spring break chamber manufacturer TSE Brakes has designed a mounting base for improved fatigue life in harsh off-road environments. Incorporating changes to the mounting stud reinforcement plates and weld locations, the “HV” or “High Vibration” design is engineered to provide superior reinforcement to the most highly stressed areas of the brake actuator. The company says the design has been tested extensively, racking up millions of vibration cycles at resonant frequency and g-loads of up to 50-g output, far exceeding conditions normally found in the field.
TSE Brakes

Wrench makes an impact
Tool manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic says its durable, professional-grade CP7775 1-inch impact wrench features critical weight-reduction design characteristics to reduce user fatigue while offering the highest torque in its class. The CP7775 – available in a short extended anvil, 6-inch extended anvil and No. 5 spline drive – offers 1,550 ft.-lbs. of torque and four speeds in forward and reverse. Features of the tool include a cushioned-rubber no-slip handle, ergonomic trigger, directed exhaust and four-position power control – all in a lightweight 25.4-pound package. The CP7775, CP7775-6 (extended anvil) and CP7775SP-6 (No. 5 spline) all offer 750 blows per minute with 5,500 rpm of free speed, according to the company.
Chicago Pneumatic

Monster pickups for monster loads
Accubuilt’s Super Duty pickups – modified Ford body pickups fitted on an F-450 or F-550 chassis – are engineered to pull as much as 24,900 pounds. The 8-foot bed can handle up to 11,300 pounds, Accubuilt says, and the maximum gross weight is 33,000 pounds. Power choices include a 6-liter V8 diesel with 325 hp and 570 pounds-feet of torque, or a 6.8-liter gasoline-powered V10 with 362 hp and 457 pounds-feet of torque. Automatic and manual transmissions are available.
Accubuilt Trucks

Flexible barrier system
The Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation has introduced the GuardRite SB3 Barrier System, designed to make interior loading docks safer by defining and separating the areas. The system is constructed with 6-inch-high nylon restraining straps, and its modular design allows the system to easily define large walkways and work areas in a plant. The system, available in a 43-inch-high double-strap restraining system, comes with attachment and anchoring hardware: Prominent safety-yellow 6-inch-tall straps are designed to provide high visibility, and safety-yellow powder-coated 5-by-5-inch 3/16-inch steel posts provide restraining strap support and make a rugged barrier that is able to withstand a 10,000-pound fork truck traveling at 4 mph without damage to the system, according to Rite-Hite. The company says the modular design of the system makes it easy to install and remove: Four 3/4-by-51/4-inch anchor bolts mount the posts to the plant floor, and a manually operated storage system keeps straps organized when access to the area is required.
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.

Rust never sleeps
Evapo-Rust from Harris International Laboratories is designed for quick, effective removal of deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron. The company says the nontoxic, noncorrosive and nonflammable product – which contains no petroleum solvents, acids or alkalis – is biodegradable and safe on all surfaces, and won’t harm copper, brass, aluminum, galvanization, plastic, rubber or vinyl.
Harris International Laboratories

Tough computer
DLoG Logistics says its fanless touchscreen personal computer, the Industrial Mobile PC DNeT MPC 5/110D, has sophisticated features and rugged construction that make it ideal for use in warehouses and on forklifts, construction machinery and other indoor and outdoor vehicles. The optional 3M Near Field Imaging (NFI) MicroTouch 10-inch touchscreen – also available in 7- and 12-inch models – provides high visibility even in bright environments, and the optional heating capability allows the MPC 5/110D to operate in temperatures as low as -22 Fahrenheit, according to the company. An internal UPS storage battery is available for backup during power failures and transportation from one vehicle to another; an optional automatic switch-off feature powers down the computer when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. DLoG’s compact MPC 5/110D is housed in a coated aluminum frame with external dimensions of 9.02-by-11.02-by-3.27 inches and a weight of 10.6 pounds. The company says shock and vibration resistance is rated Class 7M3, according to EN 60721-3 (1995). Wireless connectivity is provided through Wi-Fi (802.11b /g); numerous interfaces, including a PCI port and 2 USB interfaces, are provided on the bottom of the housing for add-ons or extra peripherals.
DLoG Logistics

Fine tuning for vehicle lighting
Cole Hersee says its 74600 Series of universal electronic dimmer switches enable panel and vehicle interior lights to be set at varying intensities. Suitable for a variety of trucking applications, the switches are available in a sealed case with an O-ring seal in the shaft. Imprinted with an SAE variable symbol, the switches come with a variety of terminations: wire, AMP connector and Delphi (Packard) connector.
Cole Hersee