Hy-Drive launches G2 hydrogen generating system

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Hy-Drive Technologies has announced the commercial availability of its G2 hydrogen generating system and that it has begun shipping and installing its first G2 units to selected trucking customers throughout North America. Hy-Drive’s G2 system is designed to improve fuel efficiency while being environmentally “friendly” by reducing exhaust emissions.

“Now that we have completed our intensive testing protocols in the field, in the lab and in an SAE-certified lab, we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our commercial product,” says Tom Brown, president and chief executive officer of Mississauga, Ontario-based Hy-Drive. “It has taken a considerable length of time, a team of dedicated professionals and a significant amount of capital to get to the position we are in today. Hy-Drive is able to present an immediate solution to the escalating fuel costs and serious emission concerns, in the commercial trucking industry in North America.”

The Hy-Drive system is engineered to work by injecting small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine. This creates an enriched air mixture and a more complete and faster burn of the diesel fuel, which results in reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency and more engine torque, the company says. The product is easy to install and works with any internal combustion engine, with all types of fuel and in almost any climate, according to Hy-Drive.

Hy-Drive will have a limited number of units at the 35th Annual Mid-America Trucking Show ready for immediate free installation upon purchase. MATS is scheduled for March 23-25 at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville. For more information, go to www.hy-drive.com.