Dana launches tire pressure monitoring system

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Dana Corp.’s Commercial Vehicle Systems group has launched a new tire pressure monitoring system called the SmartWave TPMS designed to provide real-time tire pressure monitoring.

Using sensors mounted on the rims inside tires, SmartWave TPMS measures pressure and heat, and relays that data back to a frame-mounted wireless receiver. That receiver is connected to the truck’s electronic system via an industry standard J1939 interface. Inside the cab, drivers are alerted to problems via either a simple warning lamp or a graphic interface.

Steve Slesinski, director of product planning for Dana’s Commercial Vehicle Systems, says the system will help improve fuel efficiency as well as tire life. “A 10 percent underinflated tire will result in a 0.5 fuel economy penalty,” Slesinski says.

The system compensates for temperature fluctuations that can directly impact pressure readings, Slesinski says; the compensation allows for more accurate pressure readings. The feature will be especially important as new 2007 exhaust treatment systems hit the road and increase the ambient temperature underneath trucks, Slesinski says.

The system also integrates with off-board systems: Maintenance personnel can download data from the system with either a handheld device or computer. The system keeps track of the last 256 events. If a truck is at rest, the sensors must be activated by an electronics tool.

The system is designed to integrate with other Dana tire inflation products, and its wireless module will allow integration with future products such as wheel end monitors, axle lube sensors and brake systems.

Dana won’t release the price for the system, which will be available from OEMs and in the aftermarket. But Slesinski says it will cost roughly the same as two tire changes. “The system is very easy to install and retrofit on existing vehicles,” Slesinski says. “If you avoid two unnecessary tire changes, it’s paid for itself.”

The SmartWave TPMS is being released as part of a new partnership with Canadian company SmarTire.