Heavy-duty-post high-cycling battery handles the load

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Interstate Batteries’ 31P-ECL (Extreme Cycle Life), a Group 31 combination of starting and cycling battery, adds heavy-duty posts to the company’s 31-ECL battery to address the cycling demands of longhaul trucks and other heavy-duty applications, most notably refrigeration trucks and agricultural equipment. Technological enhancements, according to Interstate, include:

  • Thicker positive plates – Provide high amp-hour capability and offer protection against vibration, the biggest enemy of heavy equipment batteries;
  • Micro-woven fiberglass paste stabilizer – Prevents paste shedding and provides active material compression to the positive plate, resulting in a 13 percent increase in cycle life; and
  • NA2SO4 (sodium sulfate) electrolyte additive – Helps the battery accept a charge effectively.
  • The 31P-ECL is designed to deliver an average of 468 medium-duty cycles, according to J-2185 Life Cycle Testing. Relevant specs include: RC, 190 minutes; CCA, 700; and weight, 64 pounds. For more information, go to www.interstatebatteries.com.