Bergstrom adds inverter, shore power capability to NITE system

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Bergstrom, manufacturer of the NITE idling-reduction system for heavy-duty trucks, has enhanced the system’s design for truckers who want the added comfort of electric accessories during unloading and resting periods without the extra cost, weight and noise associated with generators and traditional auxiliary power units.

“In 2006, we will introduce new capabilities for the NITE system that will virtually eliminate the need for on-duty and off-duty idling,” says Howie Heaton, director of sales and marketing for Rockford, Ill.-based Bergstrom’s aftermarket group. “The new inverter and hotel-load options will give the trucking industry all the comforts of a home away from home — affordable total climate control, access to power for onboard appliances and quiet, vibration-free operation.”

The system enhancements will be tied into the NITE system’s independent battery power source, and the complete package will provide 12-volt DC electricity and a 110-volt alternating current (AC) inverter. The addition of the inverter for AC electrical power will enable drivers to operate small household appliances and other hotel-load devices used in the sleeper when the truck’s engine is off. The inverter is custom-designed for heavy-duty use and includes built-in safety features, the company says.

In addition, a new shore power feature is designed to permit the NITE system to be powered with grid electricity when it is available. The shore power kit includes a receptacle for receiving an extension cord and a switching box to detect the source of the 110-volt AC power.

“It has been our goal to eliminate nonproductive idling,” Heaton says. “These complementary system components combine the customer-proven benefits of the existing NITE system with the flexibility to take advantage of truck stops and rest areas providing electric power hookups. Truck drivers will be able to enjoy heating, cooling and auxiliary power almost anywhere.”

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