Smile! You’re on Shell’s VideoCheck

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Shell Lubricants’ VideoCheck service allows users to inspect diesel engine components without tearing down the engine. The service targets small- and medium-sized fleet customers as a cost-effective option for inspecting diesel engine components.

The service uses a digital fiber-optic camera that is fed into the diesel engine through a cylinder fuel injector port by means of a fiber-optic cable, illuminating the engine’s insides and transmitting images to a high-resolution monitor. The operator can inspect the piston crown, combustion chamber, cylinder wall, valve seats and head; video images are recorded and interpreted by the operator, who then prepares a report for the customer that includes all findings, diagnoses of possible problems and repair recommendations.

“During routine maintenance, it is virtually impossible to inspect the internal components of an engine in order to identify damage and prevent failures that can lead to greater expenses,” said Don Lima, western region technical support specialist for Shell Lubricants. “Shell has invested in the equipment and technical personnel necessary to make the Shell VideoCheck service a valuable tool to help identify potential engine problems and cut down the cost of diesel engine maintenance.”

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