Horton announces VMaster Ultra fan drives

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Horton has introduced its VMaster Ultra fan drives in anticipation of new emissions regulations. Managed by the engine’s electronic control unit for precision fan speed control, these directly-controlled viscous fan drives are designed to cool higher-horsepower, hotter-running engines. Horton says the VMaster Ultra fan drives are being road-tested by OEMs and fleets on the new reduced-emission vehicles, and more than 4 million successful miles of testing have been completed within the past 12 months.

“This product is the result of years of analysis and testing to produce cooling solutions for the significantly hotter engines that result from reduced-emissions regulations,” says Jeff Lindgren, vice president sales and marketing for Roseville, Minn.-based Horton. “VMaster Ultra fan drives rapidly respond to cooling needs, providing precision cooling and optimum efficiency.”

The fan drive is equipped with an integral fan speed sensor to provide closed-loop control capabilities, and its optimized magnetic design speeds up reaction time for better modulation and cooling, according to the company. In addition, the reservoir, actuator and valve system are designed to combine for delivery of a lower off-speed and faster response time, resulting in optimum cooling, reduced fan noise and increased fuel efficiency.

VMaster Ultra — engineered to turn Horton’s WindMaster or competitive fans — has a rear-mounted cable harness designed to shield the connection from fan blades, and the fan can be installed on the front of the fan drive to increase airflow for maximum cooling. VMaster Ultra fan drives have a maximum torque capability of 2,225 inch-pounds and are available for first-fit and test applications for a variety of fan sizes and mounting options.

For more information, go to www.hortonww.com/ultra.