Thermo King announces Intermodal Protection Package

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Thermo King has announced the launch of its Intermodal Protection Package to protect refrigeration units from damage during intermodal shipment by truck and rail.

“The increase in shipping through intermodal transport by truck and rail has led to a growing number of incidents involving damage to refrigeration units,” says Jason Forman, accessories product manager for Minneapolis-based Thermo King. “This has resulted in damage to the doors at a minimum and, in extreme cases, damage to the refrigeration unit beyond repair.”

Thermo King’s Intermodal Protection Package is designed to solve this problem. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this product has been engineered and analyzed for maximum strength and durability. “Testing shows that less than 0.25-inch deformation will occur when a 68,000-pound force is applied to the frame,” said Forman. “Our protection package also offers 180-degree protection, minimizing damage from both frontal and side impacts. Competitive guards may only protect from a frontal collision.”

In addition to increased stability and protection, Thermo King’s Intermodal Protection Package is engineered for convenience. The package fits all new-look SB Thermo King units and mounts directly to the SB unit — not the front trailer wall — to maintain trailer integrity on impact. It is available as an easy-to-install kit with many preassembled sections and can be installed without removing the reefer unit from the trailer. The design allows all doors to be opened without removing the cage for full access and serviceability, and the package is easily transferable from one unit to another.

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