Qualcomm’s Vehicle Command & Control available in ’06

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Qualcomm, a provider of business-to-business wireless platforms, applications and services, announced that Vehicle Command & Control, a Web-based vehicle security and driver management tool, will be available this year.

The tool will integrate with the M5K onboard vehicle security device from Magtec Products. Qualcomm’s Vehicle Command & Control allows Magtec’s M5K to provide driver and vehicle management functionality, including over-the-air vehicle disabling, using Qualcomm’s OmniTracs mobile communications solution for improved security and theft prevention. Carriers with high-risk or high-value cargos can limit access to authorized drivers only, and dispatchers can manage driver authentication codes and truck identifications, change codes over the air and even disable a moving vehicle if necessary.

Magtec specializes in vehicle control systems for the transportation and heavy equipment industries. Testing of Vehicle Command & Control for use with Magtec’s M5K is in process, and commercial release is anticipated for summer 2006.

“We specifically designed Vehicle Command & Control to allow dispatch operators to remotely manage driver access and control the parameters of their equipment,” says Norman Ellis, vice president and general manager of transportation and logistics for Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions.

With Vehicle Command & Control, dispatchers will access a secure website, hosted by Qualcomm, where they can manage the security of their vehicles remotely. Magtec’s M5K requires a valid driver authentication code before a vehicle can be started or moved. If there is tampering with the M5K security device or fleet management system, the vehicle can be placed in a secure state and an alert sent over the air to dispatch.

Dispatchers also can change driver authentication codes and secure a vehicle if a driver suddenly leaves the company but still has access to the vehicle. The capability to disable the vehicle over the air also is available if dispatchers become aware of a stolen or high-jacked vehicle; even if a truck is moving, the vehicle’s speed can be reduced gradually to allow the vehicle to be brought to a safe and controlled stop.

“Vehicle Command & Control and the M5K will give carriers 24/7 control over their assets for peace of mind and security,” says Robert Morisset, chief executive officer of Magtec Products.