Titan introduces Walk-Thru B-Train aluminum live floor trailer

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Titan Trailers says its flow-through B-Train aluminum live floor trailer allows truckers to carry more product in one load, carry two different loads to two different destinations with one truck without unhooking, and reduce cycle times by giving truckers more options.

“Our new Walk-Thru trailer uses our patented Thinwall sidepanels and a Keith Walking Floor system,” says Mike Kloepfer, president of Delhi, Ontario-based Titan Trailers. “This trailer does it all — if a trucker has two loads going to two different locations, this trailer can do it. If he shows up at the tipper and there is a lineup to get on, he has the option of unloading almost 5,000 cubic feet of product in less than 10 minutes. If the load is frozen, the operator can change the direction of the Walking Floor system on the lead trailer and unload it through the front of the trailer.”

The key to creating the 62-feet, 8-inch-long trailer is the hydraulic system that brings the two trailers together, Kloepfer says. And the B-Train has the carrying capacity of about 25 percent more than a Titan 53-foot Tipper or live floor trailer, he adds. “From a productivity standpoint, this means that with every four loads you haul now using a 53-foot trailer, you get the equivalent of a free load,” Kloepfer says. “Unlike other B-Train end or side dumps, our Walk-Thru trailer, equipped with a live floor system, can self-unload whatever it is that you are hauling in a straight pile. This makes it one of the most versatile trailers in the hauling industry.”

For more information, go to www.titantrailers.com.