C.R. England migrates to VPN network

C.R. England Trucking, with headquarters in Salt Lake City and offices across America, announced it has switched its wide area network (WAN) infrastructure from an expensive and inadequate frame relay to a more affordable, highly redundant and fast Internet-based virtual private network (VPN).

To make the switch, C.R. England used a technology called WARP from its FatPipe Networks. Bandwidth, reliability and redundancy of the WAN – attributes that C.R. England depends on to run mission-critical applications – has improved significantly, says Paul Erickson, the company’s IT director.

At C.R. England’s main office, FatPipe’s WARP bonds a T1 bundle and a Fractional DS3 for a combined throughput of 23 Mbps. The disparate lines originate from two separate ISPs for redundancy. The technology balances the network load over the two lines, and features automatic link failover if one of the lines goes down due to irregular ISP, line or router failure.

“At no additional cost, C.R. England’s bandwidth is now 8 times faster than it was with its previous frame network by aggregating the lines through the FatPipe,” says Dirk Anderson, C.R. England’s vice president of technology.

FatPipe Networks is the inventor and multiple patents holders of technology that provides optimization, reliability, security and acceleration of WANs.