Solaronics infra-red heater offers dual modulation

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Solaronics says its True Dual Modulation Infra-Red Heater lowers operating costs while improving indoor comfort and air quality. Fueled by natural gas or propane, the low-intensity system uses a patented dual modulation technology designed to operate in high-heat mode when the facility is cool, relative to a pre-selected set point temperature; when the desired set point temperature is near, the heater automatically powers down to the energy-efficient, low-heat setting.

Excessive overheating is prevented, and a softer, more stable and comfortable environment is maintained, according to the company; both air and gas flows are modulated to provide precise air-to-gas ratios at both the high- and low-heat stages for optimum efficiency. Solaronics says the heaters are design-certified by CSA International to ANSI/CGA standards, and are available with input ratings from 85,000/65,000 BTUH (high-heat/low-heat) to 200,000/145,000 BTUH for both natural gas and propane. Energy savings are stated to be up to 75 percent over conventional heaters.

According to the company, other features of the heater include direct spark ignition, 100-percent safety shutoff and a fully-assembled, factory-tested burner. Heavy-duty 12-gauge black steel combustion and heat exchanger tubes carry a 10-year limited warranty, and simple chain mounting facilitates easy, low-cost installation. For more information, go to