Kaba Mas introduces portable locking solution

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Kaba Mas, a manufacturer of high-security locking solutions, has introduced the Gitcon G-2 Portable Access Control System for trailers and shipping containers. The company says the electronic seal and access control system, designed to attach to existing door hardware assemblies, is a comprehensive trailer and container security system that incorporates controlled access and physical security, as well as accountability.

Mounted to the existing door hardware of a trailer or container, the system utilizes RFID technology to deny or grant authorized access based on any number of user-defined variables. For example, carriers can program transponder cards to only open specific locks, during specified times, or for a predetermined period of time. Once the lock is operated, the G-2 system records and stores the date and time of the event in both the lock and transponder to provide an audit trail of all activity, according to Kaba Mas.

The new Gitcon G-2 fits into a carrier’s existing loss prevention procedures because it is easily installed and operated, and can be programmed to function in one of three access control levels, says Stephen Pollack, marketing director for Lexington, Ky.-based Kaba Mas. “Its flexibility and portability offer public and private carriers responsible for high-value and high-risk cargo the ability to easily and quickly deploy high-security solutions for in-transit goods,” Pollack says. “For example, carriers that operate dedicated fleets can apply this technology for shippers on demand. The G-2 can also be a valuable option for short-term rental vehicles sourced to meet seasonal freight hauling needs.”

The Gitcon G-2 is designed to enable carriers to enhance security and control, and have accurate accountability through its integral auditing capability. The technology, which functions independently of the container or trailer, employs modular electronics to offer three main access control levels:

  • Seal number only (Electronic Seal) – captures events by time for audit;
  • RFID transponder only (Sealable Lock) – captures events by time and individual for audit; and
  • Seal number and/or RFID transponder (Lockable Electronic Seal) – Option to operate as either of the above.
  • The G-2 also is designed to enable the use of unique codes for government and other inspection agencies, a feature that can simultaneously enhance security and help expedite shipping operations at ports and other import/export facilities. The system is supported by Windows-based Gitcon Access Management software and incorporates the use of a Pocket PC for programming of locks and the transfer of information, including on-sight auditing. For more information, go to www.kaba-mas.com/GitconG2.