Preventable or not: Break on through

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is considering changing its medical qualification standard to allow commercial motor vehicle drivers with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus to engage in interstate commerce. In an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, the agency is inviting comments by June 15. For more information, visit this site and search Docket No. 23151.

South Carolina Trucking Association honored Wilson Trucking Corp. as the Grand Truck Safety Winner at the group’s annual safety awards banquet in March. Con-Way Southern Express was recognized for most improved truck safety, and Thomas Sherman, a driver for G & P Trucking, was named driver of the year. For other winners, visit

Traveler’s Medical Centers recently opened its first clinic in the Travel Centers of America truck stop in San Antonio. The clinic offers general medical treatment, chiropractic care and massage therapy, and also provides Department of Transportation medical examinations and drug testing. Office visits are $60. The company plans additional clinics in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Troutdale, Ore., all linked by an Internet-based medical records system.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will provide MBTA personnel with Highway Watch anti-terrorism and safety training. Coordinated by the American Trucking Associations under an agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Highway Watch has trained more than 250,000 transportation professionals nationwide.

On a warm, sunny spring day, trucker John Doe arrived at the Fresh-Fast Grocery Store in Jackson, Miss., with a trailer-load of produce. After calling upon store personnel to raise the facility’s overhead door, Doe expertly backed his vehicle until it was positioned at the dock. At that point, while the trailer was completely under cover, about half of Doe’s tractor protruded from the building.

While manager Harold Herndon directed the unloading process, Doe strolled into the store and headed for a hearty lunch from the deli. He wasn’t present in the dock area when the overhead door was lowered, just above the level of his tractor’s roof, to help minimize loss of cool air from the dock area.

When Doe returned to the dock, he finalized the exchange of paperwork with Herndon, climbed back into his cab, checked his BlackBerry for directions to his next stop, cranked up his engine and began to exit the