MitFuso offers new engine protection system for Class 4, 5 trucks

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A new engine protection system is available as a port-installed option on new 2006 Mitsubishi Fuso FE and FG model medium-duty commercial trucks. The engine protection device is designed to monitor oil pressure and coolant temperature; if oil pressure drops or coolant temperature rises to a dangerous level, an audible alarm sounds and a warning light illuminates, indicating the out-of-range parameter.

According to the company, if the out-of-range condition corrects itself within 30 seconds, the system automatically resets with no further action required. Should the out-of-range condition persist for more than 30 seconds, however, the system will shut down the engine to protect it from critical damage, and the warning light will continue to flash until the system has been reset, Mitsubishi Fuso says.

The 30-second time delay is intended to allow the driver to safely pull off to the side of the road before the system terminates engine operation. If the driver initially misses the warning or ignores it, and the engine shuts down before the operator has safely pulled off the road, the system can be reset by shifting the transmission into neutral and cycling the ignition key to “off” and back to the “start” position.

Pricing and availability can be obtained from local Mitsubishi Fuso dealers or by going to