Pressure monitor designed for super single tires

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Fleet Specialties Division has introduced two new models of its Tire Sentry remote tire pressure monitoring systems. Models TMA-12 and TMA-16, designed for super single tires, continuously monitor for low tire pressure while on trucks with up to 10 tires, and trailers with up to 6 tires, the company says.

The onboard system is designed to help to maintain a vehicle’s optimum tire pressure, and to issue a warning when any tire’s air pressure drops below the required pressure level. The system consists of pressure sensors, or electronic valve caps, that attach to the existing, or dedicated, valve stems to monitor the tire’s pressure continuously.

Tire Sentry says the sensors weigh less than 1 ounce and are powered by two watch batteries that can last up to two years and are replaced easily in the field, without removing the wheels or tires. A 2-inch-round dash instrument displays any tire that is losing air pressure before the tire is damaged or has undergone extensive heat buildup or tread loss.

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