Monthly trade payments to CBP reach $5 billion

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Monthly collection of duties and fees by U.S. Customs and Border Protection has topped $5 billion as the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) monthly payment feature completes its second year of operation. ACE is the next generation of CBP border processing technology designed to facilitate legitimate trade while enhancing border security.

“There has been significant growth in ACE monthly payments, with more than $3.5 billion collected this year alone, representing nearly a quarter of the total duties and fees collected by CBP,” says Louis Samenfink, director of CBP’s cargo systems program office. “I encourage all shippers and importers to sign up for ACE and begin realizing the benefits of periodic payments and enhanced reporting now.”

The Web-based ACE monthly statement feature simplifies the processing of duty and fee payments for importers and brokers. Monthly statements obtained through the ACE Secure Data Portal can streamline accounting and report processing and provides an electronic record for companies to trace their import activities. Samenfink says many companies are finding the monthly statements more convenient than paying by the shipment and now are paying duties and fees exclusively through the ACE monthly statement process.

The ACE Secure Data Portal also uses customized computer screens to provide CBP and the trade community a centralized, online access point for communication and information; the portal enables information to be pulled from multiple systems throughout CBP into a single, integrated site. Through the development of tools such as the portal, Samenfink says, ACE will provide unprecedented integration of data and communication abilities among CBP, the trade community and eventually other federal agencies.