Oregon won’t enforce some load securement changes until April

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Federal load securement changes took effect on July 24, but the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Motor Carrier Transportation Division (MCTD) has not yet adopted the rules. Adoption occurs in April each year, and the rules must be adopted before they can be enforced for intrastate carriers.

Because of this, Oregon’s MCTD has announced that it will not be enforcing the more stringent load securement rules found in Part 393 of the FMCSRs for any carrier — interstate or intrastate — until April 2007.

Part 393.118 (lumber) contains changes that are less stringent for the industry. Para (3)(B) now allows the gut wrappers to be on the middle tier, not to exceed six feet off the deck, or the second tier (whichever the carrier prefers). A new paragraph, (d)5, allows that when loaded in a sided vehicle or container of adequate strength, dressed lumber or similar building products may be secured in accordance with the general provisions (meaning no gut wrappers required, no matter how many tiers).

Oregon will allow all carriers to use these less stringent rules immediately, according to the Oregon Trucking Associations.