Bergstrom cool and getting cooler

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Bergstrom’s NITE system, for no-idle sleeper climate control, now comes with the company’s new automated temperature control that lets a driver enjoy a constant temperature in the sleeper, whatever the weather.

Beginning this fall, the new NITE (No-Idle Thermal Environment) system will work with both the air conditioning and fuel-operated heating systems by monitoring the interior temperature of the sleeper.

Also in the fall, the NITE system will offer inverter and hotel load options that will be tied to the system’s independent battery power source. The complete package will provide 12-volt DC electricity and a 110-volt AC inverter to let the driver use small household appliances and other hotel load devices when the truck’s engine is off.

Both product upgrades were introduced Thursday, Aug. 24, at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

The shore power connectivity will come with two receptacles. A 40-amp charger will provide power for charging batteries while the driver enjoys 110-volt AC services. With shore power availability, the NITE system can be run continuously with the assistance of the 40-amp charger.

Bergstrom and Freightliner announced earlier this year that the NITE system would be available on new Century, Columbia and Coronado tractor models. Tractors with the system will come with additional insulation.

The NITE climate control package can be configured to meet the operational requirements of individual trucks, says Bergstrom. It is available with a choice of an air conditioner only or a combination of air conditioner and heater. The combination package can be upgraded from the standard two-battery power source to four batteries. The two-battery unit weights 200 pounds; the four-battery unit is 340 pounds. Batteries are expected to last up to three years with normal use. Batteries will recharge after use in about four hours when the truck is running.