Hendrickson HNP advances wheel ends

Hendrickson — on Wednesday, Aug. 23 at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas — unveiled what it says is the first new trailer hub/spindle design in more than 40 years with the launch of the HNP hub and P90 spindle, which join the HUS wheel-end system in the company’s lineup.

“In addition to delivering weight savings, durability and outstanding performance, HNP and HUS wheel-end systems provide complete system integration from axle through wheel end and feature the advantage of a single warranty source,” says Jeff Shahan, program manager of Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems.

Installed by Hendrickson’s factory-trained technicians, HNP incorporates twin “N” inner bearings, an “R” seal, a patent-pending spindle nut system and a patent-pending self-centering hubcap for a complete rebuildable wheel end.

The HNP and HUS systems accommodate both the zero-offset and two-inch outset wheel-end applications for wide-base tires as well as duals. And the P90 spindle gives truck owners the option to install either wide-base or dual tires.