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Heil Environmental’s redesigned side loader

Redesigned side loader
Heil Environmental says it has made several design improvements to its MultiTask SL drop-frame side loader:

  • The refuse collection vehicle now features high-strength steel in key areas for increased durability and reduced weight;
  • The tailgate now is equipped with Heil’s proprietary Shur-Lock tailgate locks, designed to allow the operator to unlock the tailgate, discharge the load and then secure the tailgate – all without leaving the vehicle cab; and
  • Many updates have been made to the loader’s wiring, hydraulics, controls and other systems.

The MultiTask SL is available in four body capacities: 23, 26, 30 and 33 cubic yards.
Heil Environmental

Weather-pack die set
Waytek has introduced a weather-pack die set for its mobile crimp tool frame, joining the company’s line of three other die sets for insulated and noninsulated terminals, splices and lugs. The wider range of one-piece dies meets the majority of crimping needs, and no separate tools are needed, the company says. The weather-pack die set is compatible for a full range of wire sizes from 12 to 20 gauge, according to Waytek, and can handle both insulator and conductor crimps at the same time.

Super single pressure monitor
Fleet Specialties Division has introduced two new models of its Tire Sentry remote tire pressure monitoring systems designed for wide-base single tires. Models TMA-12 and TMA-16 continuously monitor for low tire pressure while on trucks with up to 10 tires, and trailers with up to 6 tires, the company says. The onboard system is designed to help maintain a vehicle’s optimum tire pressure, and to issue a warning when any tire’s air pressure drops below the required pressure level. The system consists of pressure sensors, or electronic valve caps, that attach to the existing, or dedicated, valve stems to monitor the tire’s pressure continuously. Tire Sentry says the sensors weigh less than 1 ounce and are powered by two watch batteries that can last up to two years and are replaced easily in the field, without removing the wheels or tires. A 2-inch-round dash instrument displays any tire that is losing air pressure before the tire is damaged or has undergone extensive heat buildup or tread loss.
Fleet Specialties Division

Improved cylinder lift
Bayne Premium Lift Systems says it has updated its Taskmaster cylinder lift to offer extended service life. According to the company:

  • A solid cylinder connector is designed to prevent refuse from falling behind the cylinder and eliminate misalignment that can contribute to bushing wear. The new cylinder is interchangeable with the previous design, so older lifters can be retrofitted.
  • In the Taskmaster’s faceplate, cylinder connector and hook, the bushing material has been changed to a polyester/graphite composite for higher compressive strength, improved abrasion resistance and low moisture absorption. The faceplate bushings also have seals designed to keep out wear-causing contaminants. The composite bushing previously used in the hook linkage has been replaced with a steel-backed polymer-lined bushing and a stainless steel wear sleeve; the combination provides a more rigid design that also will prevent rust contamination. Also, the pins now are made of stainless steel to prevent contamination and wear from pin rust. Kits are available to rebuild existing Taskmaster lifts.
  • New Taskmaster lifts feature a single faceplate pin instead of the dual pins used previously. The new model distributes the cylinder force to all of the mainframe support plates, providing a stronger and more durable design, the company says.

The Taskmaster cylinder lift can be mounted on refuse collection vehicles or on stationary frames or compactors for use in a variety of material handling applications. Bayne says the Taskmaster, which is compatible with standard domestic-style two-bar roll-out carts, can lift 550 pounds at 1,800 psi in six to eight seconds.
Bayne Premium Lift Systems

Pressure washers in hot water
Hotsy’s HWE series of all-electric hot-water pressure washers are the only models in the company’s product line that run entirely on electricity. Water is heated in a stainless steel coil and submerged in a tank of water solution for instant hot water when plugged in – with no noise and no fumes, making it ideal for industrial cleaning indoors, according to the company. All models are compact and designed to fit in a closet or any out-of-the-way location. The units, Hotsy says, feature an auto-start function that allows them to be turned on with the pull of the trigger for convenient remote operation, and they produce cleaning power ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 psi of water pressure. The models – which feature the company’s triplex belt-drive high-pressure pump, and a 3/4-inch Schedule 80 heating coil with stainless steel skin – are powered by an industrial-strength engine with thermal overload protection.
Other features of the models, according to Hotsy, include:

  • Heavy-duty upper and lower cabinet made of 10-gauge steel protected by an epoxy powder coat finish;
  • 3.46 to 3.9 gallons per minute of volume;
  • Easy-to-attach detergent injector for easy soap application;
  • ETL certification to UL-1776 safety standards; and
  • Insulated, fatigue-free trigger gun with a dual-lance variable pressure wand for adjusting pressure while washing.


Grease when you need it
Qwik-Shot one-use dielectric grease tubes from Phillips Industries are designed to protect electrical connections and stop corrosion by sealing out moisture, high heat and contaminants. Phillips recommends the use of dielectric grease prior to installation, and every time electrical connections are disconnected, to increase vehicle reliability and safety. Phillips says the Qwik-Shot tubes are a convenient way to have dielectric grease available whenever it’s needed, either at fleet maintenance locations or on the road. The tubes are available in buckets of 200 (part number 80-250).
Phillips Industries

No-spill oil drains
Unique Truck Equipment says its engine oil drain system is designed to replace standard oil drain plugs for faster, cleaner oil changes – with no chance for spills. Simply screw on the drain hose attachment to open the valve, and the oil flows out of an engine without the mess of conventional oil changes, according to the company. The leak-proof brass valve comes equipped with a protective dust cap to cover the plug when it’s not in use. The system can be used alone or with diaphragm-type air pumps, and the changers can be installed on virtually all engine types, the company says.
Unique Truck Equipment

Coolants face the test
Penray says its TS200 3-Way Universal Test Strips are the first and only test strips designed for all heavy-duty coolant types, including extended-life coolant. The test strips are designed to provide a quick, effective way to determine the freeze point, as well as check for contamination and chemical protection, in cooling systems using conventional and extended-life coolants. According to the company, the test strips provide accurate results in just minutes.

Industrial vehicle security
Superior Signals says its Safe-T-Lock STL1000 switch, a programmable code switch that prevents unauthorized use of industrial vehicles, allows plant and facility managers to input up to 99 different users/drivers to track vehicle usage. According to the company, if an accident occurs or the vehicle is damaged, the manager can identify the last operator easily; the switch also features an internal clock that records “on” hours and notifies the operator when the vehicle reaches the 250-hour mark. The STL1000 switch is designed to allow each user to select a four- to eight-digit personal access code, and also has a separate supervisor menu for programming the unit. The switch operates in a voltage range from 9 to 120 volts and is enclosed in an IP65-rated housing; two internal LEDs indicate operational status, with red indicating “error” or “lock” mode, and green indicating the key press or touch is “active.” The unit also provides user feedback with key beep and error tones.
Superior Signals

Instant gasket
The Right Stuff from Permatex is an elastromeric instant rubber gasket maker designed to fit many different applications easily and quickly, unlike a cut gasket. The instant, form-in-place gasket is more reliable than cut gaskets made of cork, paper or felt, particularly in the areas where flanges, pans and covers are moved and adjusted repeatedly, according to the company; such areas are subject to leakage and performance impairment if not properly sealed.

Why crank a running engine?
Cole Hersee’s 956 series of anti-restart ignition switches is designed to protect starter motors from restart damage by preventing the operator from restarting a running engine. The switch – suited for the commercial delivery industry, where drivers often leave vehicles running during deliveries – allows the ignition to turn to the “start” position only from the ignition’s “off” position. The switch is available in two different styles: key ignitions for standard vehicles and levers for off-road applications.
Cole Hersee

Trailer without plywood liner
Stoughton Trailers says its Steel Plus 25 Trailer, with 100-plus inches of interior width, is several hundred pounds lighter than a comparable composite plate model. The company says maintenance is reduced because there is no plywood lining in the sides, and the sidewalls are constructed with a puncture-resistant formed, galvanized steel side panel. Logistic slots are built into the sidewall and can be spaced as close as 16-inch centers. The Steel Plus 25 Trailer is Stoughton’s third product designed to reduce maintenance by being able to eliminate plywood liner: The other two are the Z-Plate and the Extra Wide Models.
Stoughton Trailers

Versatile winch
Mile Marker’s Galvanized A2000 Hand Crank Winch, tested and suited for a variety of applications, features a weatherproof strap supply, free spooling action and an automatic brake.
Mile Marker

Light keeps a low profile
SoundOff Signal says its 120 Series LED slim-line clearance/marker light features a low-profile design with a PC/P2 rating that allows users to decrease the number of LED marker and clearance lights by four. The light features three Generation II LEDs and has an internal pipe design to facilitate a greater light output while maximizing LED power. The light uses a sonic welded lens and a potted back designed to prevent moisture, dirt and dust from penetrating the light; and it also has a two-wire direct lead with connector and mounting gasket engineered to prevent moisture intrusion to the interior of a dry van. Also available for the 120 Series is an optional black aluminum guard.
SoundOff Signal