Archetype introduces asset tracking solutions

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Archetype, a provider of remote wireless machine-to-machine data communications, has announced the commercial availability of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) edition of its TerraTrace GPS/GSM asset tracking system.

TerraTrace is an asset tracking and monitoring solution designed to provide true real-time location and status information for mobile assets. TerraTrace uses a small, onboard GPS/GSM tracker/transmitter device that communicates position coordinates and other sensor data to TerraTrace’s secure data center; the data is made available to authorized users via a secure Internet connection.

“The ERP edition of TerraTrace has been developed to provide globally scalable solutions for tracking and monitoring the status of mission-critical assets, improving visibility throughout the management structure with real-time updates and historical data logging,” says Jason Cooner, president of Birmingham, Ala.-based Archetype. “TerraTrace employs redundant network routing architecture and end-to-end security standards. The security implementation incorporates NSA-approved encryption mechanisms to provide a comprehensively secure solution.”

According to Archetype, TerraTrace integrates seamlessly with all major ERP platforms, including SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, IBM and Hewlett-Packard, as well as industry-specific software suites, providing an easy-to-implement value-added plug-in for a company’s existing IT infrastructure. The system can be configured with tiered permission settings for need-to-know information levels, and the Web-based interface can be customized to meet a company’s specific requirements and formats, Archetype says.

“TerraTrace is the only tracking solution that has been awarded global Enterprise Certification across all tiers of the GSM cellular spectrum by Cingular and other global carriers,” Cooner says. “This ensures the most widely available, high-performance tracking capability on more than 550 cellular networks in over 200 countries. For truly global coverage, TerraTrace can also transmit data over mobile satellite networks such as Orbcomm or Iridium.”

Archetype says the TerraTrace ERP Edition can be integrated into a company’s hours-of-service monitoring program, providing an automated, real-time reporting mechanism for HOS compliance. It also is designed to provide visibility of logistics movement throughout the supply chain; the system automatically maintains historical data logs for up to three years, providing a secure, court-admissible record of asset locations, movements and statuses.

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