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Peterbilt’s medium-duty cabover, engines
Peterbilt is introducing the Model 220, a medium-duty cabover based on a sister company’s platform that earned “International Truck of the Year” honors from European truck journalists in 2002. The 220 will be available initially in Class 7 truck configurations and will be limited to 100 units. Full production and distribution of the Model 220 is scheduled for late 2007, at which time the truck also will be available in a Class 6 configuration.

The 220 is based on the design of the DAF LF, marketed in Europe by Peterbilt’s sister company, DAF Trucks. The truck is aimed primarily at customers in urban areas with pick-up and delivery operations.

Following up on Peterbilt parent Paccar’s recent announcement that only Paccar-badged engines would be available in medium-duty trucks, Peterbilt also announced that the Paccar 6.7-liter PX-6 and 8.3-liter PX-8 would be available in the Model 330, Model 335 and Model 340 trucks.

The PX-6 will be available in horsepower ratings from 200 to 325 and torque ranging from 520 to 750 foot-pounds. The PX-6 will be the standard engine for the Class 6 Model 330 and also will be available for the Class 7 Model 335.

The PX-8 is available in horsepower ratings from 240 to 330 and torque ranging from 660 to 1,000 foot-pounds. It will be the standard engine for the Model 335 and Model 340.

Peterbilt, which is replacing its Model 379 owner-operator truck with the 389, also announced that the 379 will go out in style with a 1,000-unit special Legacy Class Edition. The Legacy Class features emblems on the grille and both sides of the cab; a custom dash plate inscribed with the production number of the vehicle; and various other unique external and internal features. The Legacy is limited to the extended hood, 127-inch BBC configuration. The truck can be ordered now, for delivery in the first quarter of 2007 but equipped with 2006 engines.
Peterbilt Motor Co.

‘Next generation’ seat
National Seating has unveiled its next generation of ergonomic truck seats. The company says the High Performance model includes several upgrades over previous seats, including a 23-inch wide-plus seat cushion (2 inches wider than standard); 1.5-inch wider opening between armrests than previous models; and Backcycler Motion, a fully pneumatic system to reduce sore ligaments and muscles.

The HP seat also boasts 3-position rear cushion adjustment; 6-position front cushion adjustment; 6-degree to 23-degree recline; choice of leather or cloth; and optional chrome accents.
National Seating

Hendrickson’s HNP wheel end
Hendrickson unveiled what it says is the first new trailer hub/spindle design in more than 40 years with the launch of the HNP hub and P90 spindle, creating the new HNP wheel-end system. The HNP system joins the HUS wheel-end system in the company’s lineup. In addition to delivering weight savings, durability and outstanding performance, HNP and HUS wheel-end systems provide complete system integration from axle through wheel end and feature the advantage of a single warranty source, the company says.

The HNP wheel end uses ADI (Dura-Light) material for one of the most durable and lightweight wheel ends on the market, Hendrickson says. It incorporates twin “N” inner bearings, an “R” seal, a patent-pending spindle nut system and a patent-pending self-centering hubcap for a complete rebuildable wheel end, according to Hendrickson. The HNP and HUS systems accommodate both the zero-offset and two-inch outset wheel-end applications for wide-base tires as well as duals; and the P90 spindle gives truck owners the option to install either wide-base or dual tires.

In-cab video recording
Lexidine says its in-cab digital streaming video recording device, the “Black Box,” incorporates a digital signal processor and an “accutrac” three-axis acceleration sensor. The device’s image processing algorithm is designed to enable the system to automatically capture and store streaming images, and register vehicle force impact data to capture accident-related events for later use. In case of any collision or sudden stop due to surrounding driving conditions, “auto capture” covers 14 seconds prior and six seconds after the impact or sudden movement; it also comes with a manual record button so that users can record additional video if necessary, according to the company. The “Black Box” can store up to 10 20-second frames before being overridden by recent recordings; those recorded images and vehicle data can be downloaded via a built-in USB port to any computer with Windows 2000 or XP to be analyzed by the simulation program included with the device.

Lexidine says installation is simple: The lens is mounted behind the rear-view mirror using an adhesive that is included with the product, and is positioned facing forward; and the power cable is connected to the cigarette lighter. The compact, lightweight device can be detached from mounting and carried in the user’s pocket.

A cooler system
Bergstrom’s NITE system, for no-idle sleeper climate control, now comes with the company’s new automated temperature control designed to let a driver enjoy a constant temperature in the sleeper, whatever the weather. Beginning this fall, the new NITE (No-Idle Thermal Environment) system will work with both the air conditioning and fuel-operated heating systems by monitoring the interior temperature of the sleeper.

Also in the fall, the NITE system will offer inverter and hotel load options that will be tied to the system’s independent battery power source. The complete package will provide 12-volt DC electricity and a 110-volt AC inverter to let the driver use small household appliances and other hotel load devices when the truck’s engine is off.

The shore power connectivity will come with two receptacles. A 40-amp charger will provide power for charging batteries while the driver enjoys 110-volt AC services. With shore power availability, the NITE system can be run continuously with the assistance of the 40-amp charger.

The NITE climate control package can be configured to meet the operational requirements of individual trucks, says Bergstrom. It is available with a choice of an air conditioner only or a combination of air conditioner and heater. The combination package can be upgraded from the standard two-battery power source to four batteries. The two-battery unit weights 200 pounds; the four-battery unit is 340 pounds. Batteries are expected to last up to three years with normal use. Batteries will recharge after use in about four hours when the truck is running.

Alcohol-drug test awareness training
J.J. Keller & Associates has introduced Alcohol & Drug Testing: Driver Awareness Training, a program designed to help companies comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s alcohol and drug testing and training requirements. At the core of the program is a 25-minute closed-captioned video with commentary from industry professionals. The video, available in DVD and VHS, provides drivers with a plain-English overview of DOT’s alcohol and drug testing requirements, including the 11 key areas carriers are required to cover under 49 CFR 382.601(b). Topics covered include alcohol and drug prohibitions; what a “safety-sensitive” function is; which tests are required; when drivers are tested; and what happens when drivers refuse testing. It also includes “Did You Know?” segments designed to offer additional information to drivers and help keep them involved.

Along with the video, the program includes an instructor’s guide that provides background information, training tips and situational narratives to help engage drivers; 11 driver handbooks that cover the topics carriers must discuss with drivers; 11 reference cards with alcohol testing procedures on one side and drug testing procedures on the other, as well as samples of the approved forms technicians use for the tests; one confidential alcohol and drug file packet containing nine recordkeeping forms; one wallet card sheet perforated to provide 10 cards; and an awareness poster that reinforces key concepts. Additional copies of these materials are available separately. A “Trainer Tools” CD-ROM also is included and contains customizable transparency masters and quizzes (with answer keys), clip art, posters and a training log.
J.J. Keller & Associates

Smoother ride for trailers
Monroe Retrofit Kits are designed to modify a trailer suspension to accommodate shock absorbers. Requiring no welding or special tools, the do-it-yourself kit includes all of the necessary hardware, the company says. The kit, available in a variety of applications, accommodates trailers with either a leaf spring or a torsion axle suspension.
Monroe Heavy Duty

Hub-mounted rotor lathe
Hunter describes its OCL430MD hub-mounted rotor lathe as a solution for shops that service medium-duty trucks and commercial vehicles. The company says the OCL430MD offers all of the speed and productivity features of its OCL400 brake lathe, but includes more robust lathe components to service larger truck rotors. With a reinforced cutting arm and rugged tool holders, the new lathe is designed to resurface rotors up to 17 1/2 inches in diameter and up to 3 1/2 inches in thickness; a 1.5-hp, 230 VAC motor provides the additional torque required for medium-duty truck service. The lathe’s ServoDrive system is designed to allow the technician to vary the spindle speed and rotational torque of the lathe while in operation, allowing the technician to adjust speeds “on the fly” without compromising the final surface finish. The Anti-Chatter Technology (ACT) feature, designed to minimize machining problems by virtually eliminating chatter, oscillates the speed of the lathe while machining the rotor to prevent the buildup of vibration that can occur on any fixed-speed lathe. A trolley for the OCL430MD provides an extended low-to-high working range required for servicing vehicles when a lift rack is not available or practical.
Hunter Engineering

Alcoa’s brighter wheels
Alcoa Wheel Products’ shiny aluminum wheels are about to get shinier. The company announced that its Dura-Bright line of wheels will begin transitioning to XBR technology. The new wheels will be 53 percent more reflective, and image clarity will be 74 percent better, Alcoa says; and because XBR technology penetrates the wheel and isn’t just a surface coating, the shine lasts longer. Like Dura-Bright, the new wheels clean with a spray of soap and water. Other features of Dura-Bright relative to other wheels – such as lower weight and greater heat dissipation – remain.
Alcoa Wheel Products

Guardian for dock doors
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.’s Door Dok-Guardian is designed to increase loading dock safety by helping to prevent fork trucks from traveling through closed dock doors. The 6-inch-high heavy-duty nylon strap can be mounted to a bottom sectional door panel and travels with the door when it is opened or closed to help prevent material-handling equipment from traveling off the dock. When the dock door is closed, the heavy-duty strapping and steel impact brackets slide into door guards. In the closed door position, the Door Dok-Guardian provides a visible yellow barrier that can stop a 10,000-pound fork truck traveling at 3 to 4 mph, while also providing sectional door track protection, according to Rite-Hite. The safety-yellow painted-steel door guards are made of 1/4-inch steel and are positioned in front of the sectional door tracks to help minimize door track damage. When the dock door is opened, the Door Dok-Guardian travels with the door for unobstructed loading or unloading.
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.

Electrical checker
The Intelli-Check II Systems Analyzer from Remy Inc. is an all-in-one, handheld digital testing unit designed to provide accurate performance data for heavy-duty alternators and batteries and measure voltage drop on multiple circuits. The Intelli-Check II is controlled by a microprocessor and allows users to store and retrieve data from up to 200 systems tests, according to the company. Users can detect nearly any performance-related alternator issue, such as overcharge, undercharge and partial-charge status, as well as diode/stator phase failure, according to Remy; the unit also performs a complete electronic and load-test evaluation of heavy-duty batteries without first recharging the batteries. The Intelli-Check II’s voltage drop tester is engineered for use with starter, alternator and control/mag switch circuits, measuring the cable voltage drop to TMC specifications. The Intelli-Check II system is offered individually or as part of a systems analysis kit, which contains the handheld tester, computer adapter and a 45-foot lead kit, as well as a polyethylene carrying case.
Remy Inc.

Clamping down on emissions
The Walker Mega-Clamp is designed to help maintain proper emissions performance and offer protection against increased noise from leaks in exhaust system connections. Available in T304 stainless steel and aluminized steel, each Mega-Clamp features extra-thick steel bands and reinforced grade 8 bolts for added strength and durability. Unlike other clamps, which often are tightened with two hands and two wrenches, the Mega-Clamp requires just one hand and one wrench, according to the company.
Walker Heavy Duty

Mini-light bars
Superior Signals’ Meterolite 9360 Series halogen rotating mini-light bars feature two 55-watt halogen rotators with a center-mounted diamond-shaped mirror. Each lamp flashes 90FPM to maximize workplace safety, the company says. The 12VDC mini-light bars – which measure 18 inches long by 7 3/4 inches wide by 5 5/8 inches high – are available as permanent mount, magnetic mount or vacuum magnetic mount, with either amber or clear outer domes; they also are available with optional amber, clear, blue or red filters.
Superior Signals

A tough brake
Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction’s Model RT 7000 is a mechanically actuated, sliding caliper brake designed for parking, secondary and industrial applications. The RT 7000 – a lever-actuated brake that uses a ball ramp assembly designed to advance the brake pads toward the disc – is made from high-strength ductile iron and features a stay-clean sealed design suited for harsh environments, according to the company. The brake offers quick-change non-asbestos organic or sintered metallic linings and provides superior fade characteristics when compared to drum brakes, especially in emergency situations, Carlisle says. The brake – designed to replace in-line drum brakes that have experienced problems due to dirt and debris accumulation – has been engineered to fulfill the park and emergency stopping requirements of military, construction, underground mining, agricultural and on/off highway vehicles that are subjected to severe environments. The RT 7000 has a disc thickness range of 0.38 to 0.44 inches and a disc diameter range of 10 to 25 inches.
Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction

Oil disposal goes electric
Graco’s new Hurricane electric oil dispense system is designed as a quick and simple tool for dispensing bulk synthetic or petroleum oils, ATF and antifreeze up to 50/50 mix. The system – which features an electric pump, digital dispense meter, hose and quick-change bung adapter – requires no wiring or plumbing, according to Graco; it simply plugs into an ordinary 110 VAC outlet. The meter measures in quarts, gallons, pints or liters; flow rate is up to 1.50 gpm, and the meter is accurate to +1.5 percent. The lightweight device weighs less than 20 pounds and is designed to fit any container up to 44 inches tall with a 2-inch NPT opening; no tools are necessary to move the system from drum to drum.

Find AC, fluid leaks
Tracer Products has introduced the TP-8647, a kit that the company says makes it easy for technicians to find all air conditioning and fluid leaks, even those in cramped underhood areas. The kit features the Optimax Jr., a mini-fluorescent leak detection flashlight with mega power designed to reveal the smallest leaks in hard-to-reach spots that are inaccessible to larger lamps. The super-compact leak detector has a 100,000-hour LED bulb and is powered by three AA batteries, which are included. Also included in the kit are an EZ-Ject A/C dye injector with hose and couplers, an EZ-Ject universal A/C dye cartridge with Fluoro-Lite dye that services up to 14 vehicles, a 1-ounce bottle of Dye-Lite All-In-One oil dye that services up to two vehicles, a 1-ounce bottle of Dye-Lite coolant/auto body leak dye, and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. Everything is stored in a plastic carrying case.
Tracer Products

Air filters can hold the dirt
Luber-finer says its MXM Force Air Filters provide 50 percent more dirt-holding capacity than standard heavy-duty air filters. By providing a cleaning efficiency rating of 99.97 percent – and trapping particle contaminants most likely to cause engine wear and damage – the air filters can lead to reduced filter changes and downtime, while increasing fuel efficiency, according to the company. In addition to featuring a MicroGold Fiber media, MXM Force Air Filters offer more pleats than other heavy-duty filters for added protection in the most demanding applications, Luber-finer says. Special pleat stabilizer locks and adhesive beads are designed to prevent pleat movement and collapse, ensuring longer filter life.

Hydraulic oil filter for refuse, recycling trucks
All full-size Heil Environmental refuse collection and recycling vehicles now are equipped with an updated in-tank hydraulic oil filter. Heil says the 3-micron filter is more efficient and captures up to 85 percent more 4-micron contaminants and 50 percent more 6-micron contaminants than its previous filter. According to the company, the hydraulic oil passing through the filter becomes much cleaner than even new oil, helping to extend the life of the vehicle’s hydraulic pump, valves and cylinders. The new filters have the same dimensions as the company’s previous 5-micron filters, making it easy for customers to upgrade existing vehicles; older vehicles that use 6-micron or 10-micron filters can be retrofitted with simple conversion kits.
Heil Environmental