HOS, logbook info updated for U.S. trucks traveling to Canada

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The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators has posted an application guide for new Canadian hours-of-service regulations, which are set to be implemented Jan. 1, 2007. According to CCMTA, the new Canadian logs will be valid for use both in Canada and the United States.

The current Canadian logs are required to have everything that U.S. logs need, except the shipping document number and/or name of shipper and commodity. A driver using a strictly U.S.-compliant log will have to add several items to the log in order to enter Canada, namely:

  • The cycle;
  • The starting odometer reading;
  • The ending odometer reading;
  • The starting and ending odometer readings for any personal use of the vehicle;
  • The total distance traveled, minus any personal use (personal use is allowed up to 75 kilometers per day);
  • Whether you are using the deferral option, and which day of the deferral you are operating under;
  • A 14-day recap if no log was required the previous day;
  • The reason for using the adverse conditions or emergency exceptions; and
  • The home terminal name and address.
  • Canada will require all drivers to carry 15 logs in the truck (today plus 14 days), where the United States requires only eight (today plus seven days). For more information, click here.