Portable printer can be used in vehicles

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Extech Data Systems has announced e-Mark certification for the S1500T mobile printer, which indicates that the printing unit is fully compatible with appropriate EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements. The unit is designed specifically for products used in motor vehicles designed for operation on the road. In adhering to EMC guidelines, Extech says the S1500T mobile printer is suited for a variety of distribution and transportation applications.

The S1500T is designed to provide wireless connectivity via an IrDA interface; a built-in magnetic card reader and an optional integrated Bluetooth radio also are available. With automatic thermal print contrast, Extech says, the S1500T produces a high-speed, high-resolution print, significantly reducing print time per receipt. A clamshell-style loading system and push-button release for the paper door are designed to make changing paper rolls easy and convenient, and built-in detectors monitor temperature, voltage and paper-out.

The S1500T, according to the company, contains an integrated microprocessor with a flash-based integrated CPU that manages all features supported by the printer; the system also has built-in flash and SRAM memory to allow the user to add logos, barcodes and other graphic elements to the printout. DC power options are available for the S1500T, and the printer is fully functional when utilizing an automotive power supply. The printer is in-field programmable for firmware, font and logo setup.

For more information, go to www.extech.com.