Qualcomm introduces OmniVision mobile computing platform

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Qualcomm, a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, has announced the commercial availability of the new OmniVision System for Transportation, the next-generation wireless enterprise system for the transportation and logistics industry.

Based on the new OmniVision mobile computing platform, the flexible, scalable system has been engineered from the ground up to help fleet operators improve efficiency, better manage fleet logistics, enhance driver safety and productivity and improve driver satisfaction and retention. The OmniVision system is on display at this week’s American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition in Dallas.

The OmniVision platform — a framework of hardware, software and network infrastructure — is designed to enable delivery of two-way data communications and value-added services to enterprises in a mobile environment. Specifically designed for the transportation and logistics industry, the OmniVision System for Transportation incorporates industry-specific features and capabilities into that framework, including hardware components such as a satellite data modem with integrated GPS and a media display unit, as well as essential firmware and software.

The OmniVision platform enables fleets to enjoy a host of new features and benefits while using value-added services available for current Qualcomm mobile systems. Advanced text-to-speech capability adds to driver safety and productivity by allowing drivers to listen to and replay messages, eliminating the need to stop the vehicle and pull over to read a text message. The platform also features an integrated, color touchscreen and a remote control device designed to provide drivers quick access to critical information such as messages read by the text-to-speech feature.

“The new OmniVision system represents a major step forward in optimizing transportation efficiency,” says Norm Ellis, vice president and general manager of transportation and logistics for Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions. “Its state-of-the art capabilities help our customers further improve productivity and reduce operational costs so they can achieve and exceed their business goals. With early commitments to adopt the OmniVision system from both current and new customers, we are pleased that our clients recognize the enhanced value of the system’s expanded capabilities.”

Customers already integrating the system into their fleet operations include A. Duie Pyle, Ash Trucking, Cargo Transporters, Carter Express, Chief Express, Contract Freighters Inc. (CFI), D&D Sexton, Davis Transfer, G&P, HT Bar Inc., H&W Trucking, Ohio Oil, Panther II, South East Carriers and Stewart Transport.

Qualcomm says the OmniVision system helps companies better manage fleet logistics with enhanced management tools that allow back-office users to create and modify operational profiles, view recommended hardware for a profile, request an evaluation of a service and more. The system also supports value-added services such as automated arrival and departure, hours of service and SensorTracs performance monitoring.

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