PeopleNet enhances driver display

PeopleNet announced development of new driver-friendly displays for its g3 onboard communications and fleet management solution. The new displays will be available starting in 2007 and include both tethered onboard versions and a selection of portable, handheld wireless devices.

The tethered, 7-inch Enhanced Driver Display will run on the Windows CE .Net platform and is part of PeopleNet’s continued drive toward “open platform” standards embraced by the g3 platform, the company says. The new platform will allow for third-party applications to be developed and run in conjunction with the core PeopleNet applications.

The large, high-resolution display enables key driver applications such as in-cab navigation. The full audio and video capability of the new platform can be used to show training videos or display reading materials such as eBooks, the company says.

At the same time, PeopleNet will offer new-generation, portable handheld devices with color, graphical displays. The devices can be used inside the vehicle for messaging, navigation and other features, and outside the vehicle to scan barcodes and capture signatures.

PeopleNet also launched an enhancement to its g3 onboard system called g3 Services. Enabled by an API (Application Programming Interface) in g3’s software, g3 Services permits third-party applications to access PeopleNet’s g3 system and similarly allows g3 to access data from those applications. The first three applications to be delivered through the g3 Services interface later this year and early 2007 include collision avoidance system integration, remote vehicle management and disablement system integration, and tethered trailer-tracking system integration.

These announcements were made at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition in Dallas.