Meritor WABCO makes tractor/trailer communications more affordable

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Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems has introduced its new InfoLink option for the Enhanced Easy-Stop Basic trailer anti-lock braking system (ABS). The new option, designed to enable the driver to monitor and control trailer functions from the tractor, is available for semi- or full-trailers, and is compliant with FMVSS-121 requirements.

“Enhanced Easy-Stop Basic is a cost-effective system that offers advanced anti-lock braking operations,” says Jon Morrison, general manager of Troy, Mich.-based Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems. “When combined with InfoLink capabilities, the outcome goes well beyond the basics. With the system, you have the ability to monitor and even control some trailer functions from the tractor — it is unique to the industry.”

Since its introduction in 2002, InfoLink was available on the Enhanced Easy-Stop Premium System (2S/2M, 4S/2M, 4S/3M). It’s now available on the Basic System (2S/1M) as well, so all end-users can gain the advantage of the communications capabilities to help meet the growing demands of their operations.

The new Basic model, when used in conjunction with the tractor PLC display, allows PLC messages to be shared over the constant power line between the trailer and the tractor. These J2497 messages are converted to J1587 protocol, which then can be used by telematic devices or in-cab displays. This, according to the company, enables the operator to acquire and display information regarding trailer tank pressure, axle weight, tire pressure monitoring/inflation readings, wheel-end bearing temperatures, trailer odometer, fault codes, trailer I.D., reefer temperatures and fuel level, slider pin engagement status or cargo door status. When properly configured, the system also can control trailer functions, such as lift-axle actuation and others defined by fleet customers.

When it comes to service, the Enhanced Easy Stop Basic system with InfoLink option is designed to save fleets and owner-operators time and money; problems can be diagnosed easily by drivers or service technicians without any tools or additional equipment. For more complete troubleshooting, repair or vehicle information access, Meritor WABCO offers advanced diagnostic tools, such as its PLC DataMaster or Toolbox software. If the system requires service, it can be performed cost-effectively by replacing individual components (ECU or valves) individually.

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