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K360 Class 7 cabover model

Kenworth’s urban-delivery cabover
Kenworth has introduced the K360 Class 7 cabover model targeted especially at urban delivery companies. “The new Kenworth K360 offers the latest in technology, world-class styling, maneuverability, durability and ease of service,” says Bob Christensen, Kenworth general manager and Paccar vice president.

The Kenworth K360 is designed for pick-up and delivery, paper recycling, plumbing, electrical, furniture, food and vending companies that deliver goods in urban areas and require a highly maneuverable truck with a 22- to 26-foot body size. The K360 is based on the DAF LF55, which was European Truck of the Year in 2002; European customers have touted the high-volume payloads through its low chassis weight and clear back-of-cab as one major reason for its success.

The 33,000-lb. GVWR Kenworth K360 initially will be launched with a 5.9-liter Paccar engine and 6-speed manual transmission. The initial offering will be in a 4×2 Class 7 truck configuration; horsepower rating is 220 hp, with maximum torque of 605 lb.-ft. Full production launch of the K360 is scheduled for late 2007, when it will be offered with the new Paccar PX-6 engine family; horsepower ratings will range from 220 to 280 hp, with maximum torque of 620 lb.-ft. A combination of automatic and manual transmissions will be offered.
Kenworth Truck Co.

Advanced pintle hook
The Holland Group says its PH-30RP41 pintle hook – which replaces Holland’s PH-30 and PH-T-60-AOL-8 models – is a versatile rigid-mount design for over-the-road and off-road towing. It comes with Holland’s one-handed FastLatch, which replaces the original latch and is equipped with an automatic secondary lock, which the company says eliminates the need for chains or cotter pins. The PH-30RP41, according to Holland, features stronger steel for improved durability, as well as the company’s NoLube technology. The pintle hook – which the company says is 20 percent lighter than the models it replaces – is designed for medium-duty service, accommodating a 6,000-pound maximum vertical load and 30,000-pound gross trailer weight. Applications include utilities, landscaping, light construction, military and ground support equipment.

Holland says the technological advances introduced in the PH-30RP41 have become the foundation for the company’s pintle hook production; the advancements will be worked into every Holland pintle hook model over the next few years.
The Holland Group Inc.

Transit bus certification manuals
Thomson Delmar Learning has announced the release of its ASE Transit Bus Certification Series Manuals, designed to provide users with the most up-to-date task specifications for certification testing. The manuals cover topics such as diesel engines, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Each book contains a comprehensive glossary, a general knowledge pretest, a sample test and additional practice questions to provide users with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.
Thomson Delmar Learning

Modular fuel filtration
Donaldson has launched a medium-flow fuel filter with modular features that is designed to be a bolt-on replacement to existing filters. The modular filter is a derivative product with a flexible design that allows the filter to satisfy a variety of performance specifications. A single-base head assembly is used with the mix-and-match components, which include a water sensor, electrical heater, visual water bowl, manual priming pump and life indicator, electronic or visual; the filter also can feature a Donaldson Twist&Drain valve, interchangeable between the clear plastic bowl and the spin-on. Depending on customer requirements, the filter can use traditional silicone treated cellulose or synthetic media featuring Synteq – one of Donaldson’s filter media technologies – which is designed with multiple layers to remove contaminants and emulsified water from the fuel stream.
Donaldson Co.

Year-round wash rack
Riveer Environmental’s Cyclonator Containerized Wash Rack System is designed to operate year-round, even when temperatures dip as low as -10 degrees F. The standalone, 8-by-8-by-20-foot steel container structure and its closed-loop wash rack system can be set up outdoors in less than a day, the company says, and it can be placed permanently or moved from site to site by flatbed trailer. The system comes with an external 18-by-24-foot above-ground steel wash rack with skid steer-access side trough. Drive wheeled or tracked vehicles (up to 80,000 pounds) onto the racks and use the system’s 4,000-psi pressure washer and 80 gallons-per-minute water cannon to remove heavy mud and debris. Wash water then is drawn from the rack trough or sump to a closed-loop Cyclonator II or Cyclonator III stainless-steel filtration system housed in the containerized structure. Riveer says the easy-to-operate Cyclonator features an automatic sludge conveyor and self-dumping hopper.
Riveer Environmental

Smooth ride for F-650s, F-750s
Kelderman Manufacturing has designed a front four-link air-ride conversion kit for the Ford F-650 and F-750. The company says the easy-to-install system greatly increases ride comfort, decreases shock and fatigue, and improves the overall appearance of the truck – giving it a more leveled look in the front. Kelderman’s kit comes with a heavy-duty front sway bar kit, height control valve that ties into the factory air supply, heavy-duty Firestone air bags, and all necessary brackets and hardware. When carrying a heavy load, the automatic height control valve is designed to compensate for the added weight to level the truck.
Kelderman Manufacturing

Cooler fans 5
BorgWarner Thermal Systems has announced the X Series of fans, which the company says offers better efficiency and enhanced performance for commercial and off-highway applications. The nine- and 11-blade polymer fans are designed to increase cooling capacity by as much as 4 degrees F at a 7 percent higher efficiency than current products. The fans, termed XMD9 and XD11, have a hubless design with blade aerodynamics designed for heavy-duty cooling systems. The X Series fans have been optimized for performance and packaging compatibility with the BorgWarner product family, and meet the cooling performance required for U.S. 2007 and Euro 5 engines, according to the company.
BorgWarner Thermal Systems

Heavy-duty pit jack
Hunter says its Heavy-Duty Pit Jack offers exceptional strength that enables shops to perform heavy-duty service quickly and efficiently. The jack includes an integrated rolling system designed to run on the jack rails of Hunter’s PT Pit Rack and PF Pit Rack with optional T-extension; depending on the pit configuration selected, the jack has the capability to service the entire length of the vehicle. The air-powered, hydraulically driven cylinders are movable from side to side and are designed to offer single- or dual-point jacking capability; each of the two jack cylinders can lift 17,600 pounds for a total 35,200 pounds of lifting capacity, according to the company. Accessories and adaptors are available to meet a variety of service and vehicle lifting requirements.
Hunter Engineering

Easier aluminum prep
Orison Marketing’s Aluminator aluminum brightener – which is designed to clean and brighten unfinished aluminum without buffing or polishing – can be used as part of a regular maintenance schedule to prevent the buildup of surface corrosion and keep aluminum parts looking new. Aluminator is a mild surface-etching acid solution designed to reduce the need for tedious hand buffing; spray on an even coat of Aluminator, and when the part is clean, rinse with clear water to stop the etching process. Used alone, or as a pre-treatment for more detailed polishing, Aluminator is suited for removing road film, diesel smoke, watermarks, brake dust and oxidation from any unprotected aluminum surface, the company says. The product is available in 32-ounce spray bottles.
Orison Marketing

Shop storage solutions
Equipto has added three products to its line of space utilization and storage solutions:

  • The Armadillo Industrial Cabinet Line is constructed of 12-gauge steel and features a one-piece wraparound shell, 12-gauge steel doors, 14-gauge steel shelves and a 12-gauge steel bottom. The Armadillo line is available in a variety of models: The Standard Cabinet offers a variety of sizes with or without drawers; the Bin Cabinet offers multiple bin storage solutions; the Janitorial Cabinet offers a variety of style and storage solutions; and the Tool Crib Cabinet is designed to store all tools. Every cabinet comes fully assembled.
  • The Flammable Storage Cabinet Line helps keep volatile liquids that need to be contained safely away from fire hazards. Available in 15-, 30-, 45-, 60- and 90-gallon sizes, the line meets OSHA and NFPA Code 30 specifications, and self-closing models meet UFC 7, Equipto says.
  • The Iron Grip Shelving Line features heavy-duty steel versatile shelving designed to accommodate drawers, dividers, bin fronts, bases or doors. Shelf capacity ranges from 700 to 2,000 pounds when reinforced, according to the company.


Engine-hour meters
Sunpro now offers hour meters designed to determine the operating period of an engine in elapsed hours. The company says the meters are ideal for tracking the running time of off-road vehicles and machinery with concern to scheduled maintenance, rental use time, and warranty and service records. Both an analog (#CP7953) and digital (#CP7951) readout display is available. The meters, styled to match Sunpro’s line of 2-inch retro gauges, come with all necessary mounting brackets.