CTL recognizes December 2006 Bull Dog Award winner

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CTL Transportation has announced that Homer Roach, a professional tractor technician based at CTL’s general office in Mulberry, Fla., is the recipient of the December 2006 Bull Dog Award. The award — which is presented to acknowledge an employee’s character, integrity, performance or improvement in performance — is the most prestigious honor recognized at CTL.

Roach, who has been with CTL since May 1983, has been working on CTL’s equipment for so long, most of his co-workers consider him its resident expert. “He (Roach) has the ability to work on any piece of equipment we have at CTL” says Todd Zellner, CTL’s shop manager. “In fact, and this is common knowledge at CTL, if you want to know how to fix something, one might research through a manual to find the answer — or just ask Homer. He knows.”

Zellner, who is also a Bull Dog Award winner, has worked with Roach all his 23-plus years at CTL. “He (Roach) is willing to go above and beyond to assist others,” Zellner says. “He is helpful in training new co-workers with his outstanding knowledge of the equipment, and he is enjoyed by his fellow co-workers.”

CTL specializes in providing transportation services for the state’s phosphate and fertilizer industry, as well as nationwide chemical transportation.