RigMaster announces upgrades for 2007 APU model


RigMaster has announced an array of new features and product enhancements for its 2007 model APU. The company says the most significant enhancements are centered on a new microprocessor controller, which features a large LCD display, one-touch stop/start and climate control, and single-tier access to all menu features. The new controller also offers the user the option to display information in standard or metric, as well as improved engine monitoring, including a low coolant sensor and adjustable voltage battery monitoring.

Another new feature is an in-cab 20-amp GFI breaker accessible to the driver in case of an overloaded fuse. In addition, the RigMaster APU’s AutoStart feature will become standard on all ’07 models; AutoStart includes timed- and climate-control automatic start mode, and low-battery startup to ensure cold weather starts.

RigMaster also has announced a 1,000-hour oil change interval for all ’07 model units; the extended interval also applies to some later-model 2006 RMP-14-6 units equipped with the larger 3-quart oil pan, as well as all units powered by the Caterpillar C0.5 engine.

For more information, go to www.rigmasterpower.com.