Lectronix adds Parrot’s Bluetooth hands-free kit to information system

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Lectronix, a provider of electronics technology for the automotive market, has announced a new relationship with Bluetooth specialist Parrot to bring wireless solutions to the commercial trucking industry. The two companies will collaborate on integrating Parrot’s CK5050 OEM Bluetooth hands-free kit into the Lectronix Navion T7000 in-dash driver information system.

Designed specifically for the needs of the commercial trucking industry, the Lectronix Navion T7000 now will include as a standard element the Parrot Bluetooth hands-free solution for Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone integration. The Parrot Bluetooth solution together with the Lectronix Navion T7000 means that users can have a hands-free cell phone call by wirelessly connecting their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to the truck’s Navion T7000 dash-mounted console and speaker system, without any additional wiring, the company says.

The T7000 speech recognition system features dual microphones and state-of-the-art noise cancellation technology that provides for excellent sound quality and performance, according to Lectronix. Cell phone functionality such as menus and volume are controlled through the console buttons of the Navion T7000, and the T7000 can utilize either its text-to-speech capability or its LCD screen to display the mobile phone’s battery level and signal strength, phonebook, call records and caller identity.

The T7000 is designed to allow for seamless integration between the driver’s cell phone; the extensive Point of Interest database provided by digital map provider Tele Atlas; and Lectronix, allowing the user to place a call to any number listed (vehicle dealerships, service stations, distribution centers, hotels, motels, etc.).

“With increasing legislation that restricts hand-based cellular use, integrating this Bluetooth solution for hands-free calling is a tremendous step in preventing distraction and increasing trucker safety while on the road,” says Frank Pellitta, vice president of sales and marketing of Lectronix. “We are pleased to work with an industry leader like Parrot, and as requirements for wireless technologies continue to grow, so too will our relationship.”

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Beyond connectivity with mobile phones, Bluetooth offers the possibility of other forms of wireless data communication. For instance, next-generation navigation or entertainment systems could offer streaming audio and video capabilities from a Bluetooth-enabled portable device to the console and screen of a commercial vehicle. Connectivity is not limited to the interior of the cab, and a variety of Bluetooth solutions are under consideration for such applications as transmission of truck data at weigh scales, wireless camera connections, or trailer-to-cab communication for container tracking or temperature monitoring.

“Enhancing Lectronix’s innovative navigation systems with Bluetooth offers the commercial trucking industry a more comprehensive navigation solution and enables their fleet drivers to conveniently access digital map content needed to efficiently access information and reach their destinations,” says Jonathon Husby, director of Tele Atlas’ automotive market.