Truck-Lite says new LED work lamp robust enough

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Truck-Lite says its 81 Series LED work lamp combines a traditional incandescent work lamp with LED technology to provide a powerful light output. With an intense bright, white appearance through the entire voltage range, the LED work lamp comes to full brightness much sooner than incandescent versions, the company says.

The lamp’s intensity and pattern is superior to that of a conventional incandescent work lamp in all respects, according to Truck-Lite. The lamp is designed to operate in a 12V environment, but will function at full brightness from 8.5V to 16V, drawing only 1.2 amps compared to the incandescent 2.93 amp draw.

The lamp, which the company says has a 100,000-hour life, is suited for general illumination for vehicle maintenance and inspections, but also can extend to numerous other applications. The LED product can support service lighting needs, yard tractor applications, tractor-trailers, forklifts, agricultural lighting and airport ground support vehicles.

The lamp’s six diodes are encapsulated in epoxy for added protection against moisture and corrosion. The pedestal-mounted product is made of a polycarbonate lens, powder-coated cast-aluminum housing and stainless-steel mounting hardware to help combat corrosion. The robust design can stand up to harsh work conditions, including shock, vibration and direct impact.

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