Aero Industries introduces Conestoga 2 rolling tarp system

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Aero Industries says its new Conestoga 2 rolling tarp system — the only system in the industry where steel wheels glide on a stainless steel track insert — features many innovations:

  • Aero’s proprietary bow shocks are designed to reduce road shock and add to the longevity of the tarp system; the standard double uplift bows reduce tarp sag to 8 inches, and the optional quad uplift bows reduce tarp sag to 3 inches, maximizing internal clearance.
  • A panelized tarp looks like it is one, smooth piece. Panelized tarps allow damaged sections to be replaced easily. The aluminum bows are hidden, providing a continuous surface for graphics.
  • The tarp fabric is formulated for the Conestoga 2 and has a urethane outer coat to provide a clean and shiny appearance. The tarp automatically seals between the track and bump rail, and an internal rubber seal minimizes air entry and stabilizes the tarp. The system eliminates the need for the cable in the bottom tarp hem. The bump rail, in addition to helping the tarp seal, also protects the tarp during loading with forklifts.
  • The rear locking mechanism allows the driver to determine and set the proper tarp tension, eliminating the need for periodic maintenance adjustments. It is easily operated from the ground, and the rear lock mechanism travels with the rear bow assembly; there are no cumbersome ratchet straps or bulky devices to remove and store. The front locking mechanism is a positive catch design, allowing the driver simply to turn a crank to draw the front bow securely to the bulkhead. It eliminates the risk of latches not locking.
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