Universal Express subsidiaries report revenue growth

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Universal Express announced Thursday, Jan. 18, that three of its subsidiaries — Luggage Express Found, Universal Jet and Luggage Express — have reported extraordinary earnings growth numbers prior to its formal quarterly report.

“Luggage Express Found reports its monthly revenues have increased 80 percent and its January 2007 revenues are increasing 90 percent over its January 2006 revenues,” says Mariano Guerrero, general manager of Luggage Express Found. “Its overall profitability has increased 50 percent.”

“Universal Jet has increased its monthly revenues from $655,000 to $1,000,000, an increase of approximately 40 percent,” says Michael McCauley, president of Universal Jet.

“Luggage Express remarkably has increased its monthly sales 100 percent, but its profitability has increased 1,582 percent,” says Sabine Wehder, director of Luggage Express Customer Service. “Yes, that’s one-thousand, five-hundred and eighty-two percent.”

“Pending our quarterly report, and as our subsidiaries grow and our fundamentals improve, Universal Express and its financial partners poise for 2007 to be a year for our shareholders to observe our growth and corporate maturation,” says Richard A. Altomare, chairman and chief executive officer of New York-based Universal Express.