Say you want a Revolution? Try Rite-Hite’s new fan

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Rite-Hite has introduced the Revolution Fan – a high-volume/low-speed industrial fan designed to provide more consistent air circulation and ventilation with better energy efficiency than traditional high-speed ceiling fans or industrial floor fans. The Revolution Fan’s four contoured anodized aluminum blades are designed to move more air than traditional fans, with more consistency across the whole blade, creating an airflow of more than 360,000 cubic feet per minute and preventing dead-air holes directly beneath the fan and in building corners.

At the heart of the fan’s design is the company’s anodized aluminum Propell-Aire blade that varies in width and pitch angle, a shape Rite-Hite says is impossible to produce with extruded blades used on other HV/LS fans. Additionally, the blades are attached to the hub by a pivot, a design that allows the blades to rise to their working position and direct air outward from the fan in a conical shape, extending the height and reach of air movement seven times beyond the diameter of the fan. The pivot itself is surrounded by a vibration-absorbing resilient material that reduces stress by 50 to 75 percent to maximize fan life, according to the company.

Available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-foot diameters, the Revolution Fan uses steel universal mounting brackets designed for easy installation. The mounting system includes a beam clamp, motor housing, stabilization cables and a three-way motor-to-hub safety connection. A robust motor and extruded, precision-milled aluminum hub facilitate reliable, low-maintenance operation.

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