International Truck unveils new-look WorkStar

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With the 2007 emissions standards for diesel engines coming into play, International Truck has developed a new hood design on its International WorkStar trucks to increase the capacity of the 2007 Environmental Protection Agency engine-cooling requirements. The new-look WorkStar was introduced Wednesday, Jan. 24, at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

As a result of the EPA requirements, International says it decided not to relocate the larger radiator down between the frame rails so that the trucks still will be able to provide direct front-engine PTO options for even the most demanding stationary applications such as well-drilling, oil field, remote power generators and field service pumpers. Additionally, the design allows for other nonstationary applications, including concrete mixers, refuse trucks and snowplows, the company says.

“Not only will the International WorkStar have a more robust hood, we are still able to provide customers with the option for direct front PTOs,” says John Wadden, director of severe service marketing for International Truck. “With the high demands of construction, municipal and waste industries, maintaining the front PTO option is an important feature to our customers. The new hood design provides easy access to the engine compartment for maintenance and continues with the bold look of the International WorkStar.”

International’s new hood design includes a multi-piece layout with the purpose of only having to replace one of the pieces in the event of any damage. This helps the customer avoid paying for an entirely new hood, when they have the option to replace just the damaged portion of the hood at a significantly lower cost, according to International. All of the parts for the new hood design will be available at the more than 900 International dealer locations across North America.

In addition to the enhanced hood design, International says the new look of the WorkStar will include dual air intakes, rounded headlights, hood hatch (suited for snowplow applications), sturdy front-fender extensions, larger bold chrome grille and a new interior.

The new design will accommodate International engines and engines from CAT and Cummins. In late 2007, the WorkStar will debut MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 big-bore engines. International says its trucks will be fully compliant with the EPA’s 2007 mandates. The hood of the International PayStar Series – the OEM’s other line of severe service trucks – will remain the same.

International also made other announcements at the World of Concrete:

  • To provide improved ride and handling, International will offer two new options on its WorkStar and PayStar Series. The Bendix ABS-6 Advanced with RSP Stability System will provide core antilock braking and ABS-based traction control and stability; and the Hendrickson Primaax Suspension will provide drivers with less truck vibration for driver comfort and improved truck longevity for 100 percent off-highway usage, International says.
  • The Bendix system helps drivers to better handle difficult driving scenarios and is the only ABS-based truck stability system capable of recognizing and assisting with both rollover and vehicle under-steer and over-steer driving situations, according to International. The system is designed to continuously monitor a variety of vehicle parameters and sensors to determine if the vehicle is reaching a critical stability threshold. When that situation develops, the stability program will quickly and automatically intervene to assist the driver, according to International; it can selectively apply vehicle brakes, as well as de-throttle the engine.

    Features of the Bendix system include Roll Stability, which helps to mitigate rollovers through advanced sensing and automatic application of vehicle brakes; Smart ATC, a traction control system that facilitates adjustments based on vehicle orientation and the driver’s throttle input; and Core ABS, designed to prevent wheel lockup to help drivers maintain steering control while braking.

    International says Hendrickson’s Primaax Suspension provides a number of benefits for customers in the vocational market, such as the construction dump, heavy-haul, roll-off and logging industries. The air ride suspension is designed to allow for a smoother ride by helping to isolate the chassis and cab from typical off-road terrain; it facilitates a stable suspension base for high-center-of-gravity loads and applications.

    The increased wheel articulation, integrated stabilizer, quick align system that simplifies axle alignment and less vibration transmitted to the cab and chassis all result in improved driver comfort and improved product life, and the system contains fewer suspension components that require maintenance, according to International.

  • Two new packages are available for users to upgrade the looks of their trucks.
  • The Platinum Exterior Package provides a distinctive high-end look for customers that are looking for a strong product with an unmatched exterior appearance, International says. The exterior appearance package builds on the workhorse attributes of the WorkStar; this package includes a chrome bumper, chrome fog lights, hood-mounted bug deflector, chrome mirrors, roof-mounted chrome air horns, exterior sun visor, fuel tanks and steps.

    The new Eagle Interior Package for the WorkStar, designed to improve driver comfort and reduce driver fatigue, includes a range of upgrades such as wood grain interior trim accents, premium leather seats, door panel accents and a premium center console.

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