Pitt Ohio launches real-time tracking, tracing

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Pitt Ohio Express has introduced real-time tracking and tracing for all shipments that its handles. The feature is designed to give real-time information on actual pickup and delivery times of customers’ shipments. Pitt Ohio Express recently completed a yearlong, multimillion-dollar improvement to its operations by providing its fleet of more than 1,200 vehicles with onboard computers.

“Real-time tracking and tracing was a feature which was on our radar screen already, but after the feedback we received from our E-Business Customer Advisory Council last year, we saw how important this feature really is, as it allows them to provide better information to their customers on where their products are in the supply chain,” says Scott Sullivan, vice president of information technology services for Pittsburgh-based Pitt Ohio. “I am pleased to say a year later, we are able to provide the solution our customers were looking for.”

Geoffrey Muessig, vice president of sales, says the onboard technology enables customers to verify when a pickup or a delivery has been completed. “Pitt Ohio customers are provided time and date-stamp verification within minutes,” Muessig says. “Participants at the E-Business Customer Advisory Council were pleased with the significant customer-facing technology gains that Pitt Ohio has made in the past 12 months. Real-time tracking and tracing will enable Pitt Ohio shippers to improve their customer service capabilities and to also reduce costs by gaining better visibility into their supply chains.”