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Package for cold starts
Espar Heater Systems has announced its Sure Start package, which is available through Espar’s aftermarket dealer organization. The package consists primarily of Espar’s Hydronic 5 Coolant Heater and Arctic Fox Hot Foxes. Espar says the package was developed in response to customer concerns about the ability to start their engines in cold weather, given the introduction of 15 ppm ultra-low-sulfur fuels and, in some cases, the use of biodiesel. Espar says it has addressed this concern by heating both the engine and the fuel tanks, including the fuel being delivered to the engine and heater.
Espar Heater Systems

Premium tread, again
Cooper Tire and Rubber and its subsidiary, Oliver Rubber, say their new premium retread, Vantage Drive, features state-of-the-art precure process technology and an advanced tread compound called Black Armor that offers the same benefits found in premium truck tires. Vantage Drive delivers remarkable treadwear with low rolling resistance that optimizes fuel efficiency, while delivering long-lasting casing durability, according to Cooper Tire. Extensive real-world testing shows that the retread delivers up to 4 percent better fuel economy than other available retreads, the company says. Vantage Drive is available in 205mm (8), 210mm (8.5), 220mm (9) and 230mm (9.5) sizes with a deep 26/32-inch tread depth, and is designed and recommended for drive positions in long-haul, over-the-road applications. The tread – which fits most tire sizes used on over-the-road vehicles, including 19.5- through 24.5-inch sizes – also offers V-shaped grooves, a closed shoulder design locked to provide additional tread stability for even wear, a stone ejector and VDiplus, a visual depth indicator that helps enforce any pull point schedule.
Cooper Tire and Rubber Co.

LED strip with lens
Truck-Lite says its LED Super Strip-Lite, now available with a replaceable lens, uses LEDs evenly spaced on a fabricated aluminum channel. Four-foot strips use 12 diodes, while two-foot strips have six diodes; both have diodes spaced every 4 inches. The lightweight LED Super Strip-Lites are available in two styles, shaped either for mounting flat or into corners; they can be mounted almost anywhere, but are most effective in corners, evenly spaced on roof interiors or, in vocational trucks, along horizontal or vertical shelf and cabinet surfaces. Each six-diode strip draws 0.7 amps, while each 12-diode strip draws 1.4 amps. The product line is designed for minimal intrusion into cargo or workspaces, which helps avoid damage from loading equipment. Truck-Lite says the Super Strip-Lite also saves an average of three pounds per lamp in a typical installation as compared to traditional fluorescent lighting products.

Energy-saving heater
Solaronics says its low-intensity True Dual Modulation Infra-Red Heater is designed to operate in high-heat mode when the facility is cool, relative to a pre-selected set point temperature; when the desired set point temperature is near, the heater automatically powers down to the energy-efficient, low-heat setting. Both air and gas flows are modulated to provide precise air-to-gas ratios at both the high- and low-heat stages for optimum efficiency. The heaters are available with input ratings from 85,000/65,000 BTUH (high-heat/low-heat) to 200,000/145,000 BTUH for both natural gas and propane; energy savings are said to be up to 75 percent over conventional heaters. Other features include direct spark ignition, 100-percent safety shutoff and a fully-assembled, factory-tested burner; chain mounting facilitates easy, quick installation.

Talking back-up alerting device
Mobile Awareness describes SafetyVoice as a speech-enunciating reverse back-up alerting device that protects individuals on foot from injuries and fatalities resulting from a vehicle’s blind spot. Designed to be activated by placing a vehicle transmission in reverse, the system delivers human voice commands, coupled with a piercing electronic alarm. Pedestrians in proximity to the rear of a vehicle will hear the sound of human speech stating “Please stand clear.” Developed as an enhancement to object detection systems such as rearview cameras and sonar backing sensors, SafetyVoice is a rugged, self-contained product manufactured from durable high-grade materials, according to the company.
Mobile Awareness

Fork lift beacon
PSE Amber’s FTLED fork lift beacon is designed for use on maintenance and service vehicles as a warning for traffic hazards. Features include six flash patterns, reverse polarity protection and a potted circuit board. Built to be waterproof and shock-resistant, the FTLED meets SAE J845 Class III requirements, the company says. The beacon stands 3.9 inches high, with a black powder-coated aluminum base, clear lens and amber LED. It operates on 12/48V DC with a 0.173 average amp draw.
PSE Amber

Upgraded APU
RigMaster has announced an array of new features and product enhancements for its 2007 model APU. The company says the most significant enhancements are centered on a new microprocessor controller, which features a large LCD display, one-touch stop/start and climate control, and single-tier access to all menu features. The new controller also offers the user the option to display information in standard or metric, as well as improved engine monitoring, including a low coolant sensor and adjustable voltage battery monitoring.

Another new feature is an in-cab 20-amp GFI breaker accessible to the driver in case of an overloaded fuse. In addition, the RigMaster APU’s AutoStart feature will become standard on all ’07 models; AutoStart includes timed- and climate-control automatic start mode, and low-battery startup to ensure cold weather starts.

RigMaster also has announced a 1,000-hour oil change interval for all ’07 model units; the extended interval also applies to some later-model 2006 RMP-14-6 units equipped with the larger 3-quart oil pan, as well as all units powered by the Caterpillar C0.5 engine.
RigMaster Power Corp.

Redesigned tipper
East Manufacturing says its Genesis tipping platform transfer trailer increases the ability to quickly and efficiently top-load a transfer trailer. The company says the Genesis sidewall design eliminates the need for a center bar or pipe that has traditionally bridged the sidewalls, or a midsection across the top. To avoid damage to the cross-pipe when top-loading a trailer, an equipment operator is forced to load at the front and the back of the trailer, creating two uneven mounds of material; a center bar decreases loading efficiency by effectively splitting the trailer loading zone in two, making packing a challenge.

Without a crossbar in the way, Genesis tipping platform transfer trailers can be loaded faster, cleaner and more efficiently, according to the company, and a more even load distribution allows operators to improve load densities. The tipper’s advanced design elements – extruded sidewall panels, floor-to-wall junction and heavy-duty top rail – combine to add the extra strength needed to keep wall flexing to a minimum, the company says; this eliminates the need for a wall-supporting cross-pipe that’s an easy target for loading damage, or the need to add extra material and weight to the sidewalls.
East Manufacturing

Print anywhere, anytime
Extech Data Systems says its S1500T mobile printer is suited for a variety of distribution and transportation applications. The S1500T is designed to provide wireless connectivity via an IrDA interface; a built-in magnetic card reader and an optional integrated Bluetooth radio also are available. With automatic thermal print contrast, Extech says, the S1500T produces a high-speed, high-resolution print, significantly reducing print time per receipt. A clamshell-style loading system and push-button release for the paper door are designed to make changing paper rolls easy and convenient, and built-in detectors monitor temperature, voltage and paper-out. The S1500T, according to the company, contains an integrated microprocessor with a flash-based integrated CPU that manages all features supported by the printer; the system also has built-in flash and SRAM memory to allow the user to add logos, barcodes and other graphic elements to the printout. The printer can utilize an automotive power supply, and DC power options also are available.
Extech Data Systems

Powered hand truck
Magline says its Powered Gemini convertible hand truck reduces user fatigue and increases worker safety and productivity by nearly eliminating pushing and pulling of loads; it also supports larger, more stable loads, which enables fewer trips and faster delivery times, according to the company. Its nitrogen-inflated pneumatic tires are designed to stay inflated six times longer than air-filled tires, thereby reducing maintenance and increasing uptime; the four-wheel truck, which has a capacity of 1,000 pounds, can be converted to a two-wheel hand truck and back again, Magline says. The powered hand truck uses a direct-drive motor to assist users while the truck is in the four-wheel position; the 750-watt motor runs in both forward and reverse direction at up to nearly 4 miles per hour and is powered by a sealed, rechargeable battery. The product includes a folding containment arm to help keep loads in place during transport, as well as two casters with brakes and two non-marking wheels with sealed, semi-precision bearings designed for improved maneuvering. A wrapped ergonomic handle provides grasping comfort, and a rubber bumper helps protect users’ legs.

Surface-mount LED
Grote Industries says its surface-mount LED side turn lamp provides plenty of light to the front for drivers to see in their rearview mirrors. The side turn design features two Lumileds Luxeon LEDs – one top emitter and one side emitter – that, when combined with jeweled reflectors, are effective at placing light where it is needed, the company says. The lamp’s inner lens array is designed to optimize LED output while eliminating the need for expensive additional LEDs. Components that help extend LED life, Grote says, include a sentry-style UBS male-pin electrical connection and a metal core circuit board that dissipates heat from electronic components; a tough polycarbonate lens and housing are engineered to provide added impact resistance. Spacing between mounting screw centers makes retrofitting easy, the company says.
Grote Industries

Suspension for Chevy pickups
Firestone Industrial Products has developed a heavy-duty Level-Rite spring air over damper suspension for 1/2 -, 3/4- and 1-ton 2001-’07 Chevrolet pickup trucks. Designed for the front torsion bar/spring suspension found on both the 2WD and 4WD models, the system comes in a billet aluminum restraining cylinder and replaces the shock absorber, helping level Chevrolet trucks that carry a winch, plow, bull bar or any other extra weight on the front of the vehicle. Leveling the front of the vehicle improves ride characteristics, increases vehicle stability and reduces suspension fatigue, according to Firestone. The new system includes everything required for easy installation, which utilizes the factory holes for “no drill” placement and takes most do-it-yourselfers about an hour, the company says.
Firestone Industrial Products

Material dispensing system
Mixpac Equipment says its DX refillable dual-component dispensing system bridges the gap between cartridges and bulk meter, mix and dispensing equipment. The system, which includes a mobile handheld dispenser with a refill station, is designed to provide a versatile and accurate solution for two-component material dispensing in the assembly of composite panels, cabs, roofs and doors for vehicles. The Mixpac DX System offers the ability to dispense 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratios for two-component reactive resins. Multiple handheld dispensers can be refilled quickly with one DXR refill station, which utilizes two transfer pumps that feed from five-gallon bulk containers of material; each transfer pump is equipped with follower plates to handle a wide range of viscosities, according to the company. The lightweight, compact system also is designed to be mobile, easy to use and maintain.
Mixpac Equipment

Strobe mini bars
Superior Signals says its SY9340 Series synchronized strobe mini bars feature two 10-joule quad-flash potted strobes with a center-mounted diamond-shaped mirror that enhances flash. Each strobe head can flash at a rate of 70 +10 quad flashes per minute, according to the company, and can be wired to strobe alternating or independently to provide additional workplace safety. The mini bars measure 18 inches long by 7.75 inches wide by 5.62 inches high, and have a durable polycarbonate lens and base that can be mounted permanently or with a magnetic mount. The SY9340 Series uses a 12-24VDC and an amp draw of 4.5A @ 12VDC with either an amber or clear outer dome, and amber inner Fresnel domes.
Superior Signals

Hot water pressure washer
Landa has introduced a hot water pressure washer that delivers cleaning power of up to 5,000 pounds per square inch at a flow rate of five gallons per minute. The PGHW5-50524E, designed for onsite cleaning, heats the water using diesel or fuel oil. Landa says the rugged cleaning machine features an extra-large heating coil made of Schedule 160 steel pipe in order to produce hot water at nearly 190 degrees F. The pressure washer is powered by a water-cooled 27 HP Kawasaki gasoline engine with electric start that drives a heavy-duty, triplex, oil-bath LH 5050 Landa pump. The pressure washer is self-contained – no electricity is needed – and is designed to draw water from a tank in the field and clean for hours without interruption. The skid frame is made of 11/2-inch steel and has forklift guides for convenience in transporting.

Slim borescope
Tracer Products has developed the Cobra-6, an ultra-slim multipurpose borescope featuring interchangeable blue- and white-light LED flashlights. The Cobra-6 is designed to enable technicians to inspect and leak-check hard-to-see components – such as pistons, intake valves, A/C evaporators, fuel systems, radiators and EVAP systems – without expensive disassembly. The blue-light flashlight is suited for fluorescent leak detection and detecting surface flaws, while the white-light flashlight is intended for component inspection. A press-fit coupler facilitates quick, easy attachment of the flashlights to the borescope. The Cobra-6 also features a flexible 38-inch, 6mm shaft designed to reach deep inside narrow recesses, and a clip-on angled inspection mirror provides the added capability to detect flaws normally hidden from view. Also included are three AA alkaline batteries that power each flashlight; fluorescence-enhancing glasses, for use with the blue-light flashlight and fluorescent leak detection dyes; and a plastic carrying case with a foam insert. Dyes are sold separately.
Tracer Products