New Pig system collects, transfers waste liquids

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New Pig Corp. has introduced a collection center and pump system designed specifically to transfer and collect waste liquids. Heavy-duty components can be integrated into any workspace or existing system for safer, cleaner and more efficient liquid waste management, according to the company.

The collection center’s components include the 7-gallon Pig Burpless Waste Collection Center, the Pic Evacuation Pump Kit and a variety of safety- and efficiency-enhancing accessories, each sold separately. The system can be wall-mounted permanently or used portably for increased flexibility. In addition, the Pig Burpless Waste Collection Center can be connected to any drum or bulk collection container with a 2-inch NPT bung opening for direct draining.

Suited for any industry that collects large amounts of oils, coolants and other nonhazardous fluids, the system helps to reduce the need for carrying and lifting heavy, cumbersome containers and can help prevent injuries, drips and spills, New Pig says. Since the system’s multiple-component framework allows more than one person to simultaneously drain, pour, siphon and vacuum waste liquids, employees can save time by making liquid transfer quicker and neater.

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